White Shirt Monday: Code Sesto

code sesto 1

[Sulking in your three-piece while you’ve got a soprano sitting on the bed giving you *that* look: that’s not how you do it, trouser mezzo! Also, there’s an inch of shirt cuff missing underneat that jacket (What? Kasarovians notice these things!) – Frances Bourne (Annio) and Simona Šaturová (Servilia) in Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito”, Brussels 2013. – Photo Credit: Clärchen und Matthias Baus/La Monnaie]

It’s out! La Monnaie’s “Tito” stream-on-demand is available for our collective viewing pleasure until Nov. 30th. (thanks, Eyes, for reminding me!). As always with la Monnaie, the web catering to the audience is superb, with not just the stream, but also interviews, rehearsal footage and even texts from the program bok available online, as evidenced in the general information on the production here and the media content page (including the stream) here.

code sesto 2[Not even noticing that the ice cubes in your Scotch are melting because you can’t take your eyes off Véronique Gens in a negligé, but you’ll still wear a perfectly knotted tie? That’s a lot more like it. Take a page from Sesto! – Anna Bonitatibus (Sesto) and Véronique Gens (Vitellia) in Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito”, Brussels 2013 – Screencap from the production trailer.]

5 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Code Sesto”

  1. Great production, I can say.
    But, there is a little mistake on the first footage’s caption. That picture is from the “ah perdona al primo affetto” duet, so the lady in the bed is Simona Šaturová and the one who is singing Annio is Frances Bourne, I presume, since is not Anna Grevelius, who sang the role the days in which the recording was made.
    And great blog too 🙂


    1. Thanks or pointing that out – I was so sure it had recognized Gens… will edit as soon as I finish watching the broadcast!


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