White Shirt Monday: Baby, It’s Cold Outside


[…though on second thought, the snow outside might be melting, too. – Danielle de Niese (Poppea) and Alice Coote (Nerone) in Monteverdi’s “L’incoronazione di Poppea”, Glyndebourne 2008.  – Photo Credit: screenshot. Click to enlarge – it’s Christmas!]

While I slave away to manage the last deadlines of 2013 (4 down, 2 to go), let me take a brief break and wish all you readers and visitors and fellow White Shirt aficionad*s happy holidays or a merry Christmas, if you observe the holiday.

Thank you for making this site also in 2013 a place of discussion that is both an honor and a whole lot of fun to host.

I wish I would have had the time to put up the annual Mezzo Christmas Shopping Guide, or at least the “Twelve White Shirts of Christmas”, but here’s hoping for 2014 (in related news, I also had another story idea two nights ago for which I have no time, but who am I kidding, I’m most likely going to write it, anyway).

Be safe and be happy, wherever you are!

9 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

  1. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you, too, Anik! 😀 Thanks a bunch for all the wonderful reads and discussions… and endlessly addictive White Shirt posts! Hope you make the deadline with lots of time to spare (on the white shirt posts… haha) and enjoy the best winter ever!


  2. On the first day of Christmas, my mezzo sang to me, Smanie implacabili.
    On the second day of Christmas, my mezzo sang to me, Stride la vampa and Smanie implacabili.
    On the third day of Christmas, my mezzo sang to me, Non so più , Stride la vampa, and Smanie implacabili.
    On the fourth day of Christmas, my mezzo sang to me, O don fatale, Non so più , Stride la vampa, and Smanie implacabili.
    On the fifth day of Christmas, my mezzo sang to me, Wie Du warst! O don fatale, Non so più , Stride la vampa, and Smanie implacabili.

    Many thanks, Anik, for all that you have found and heard and thought and written and shared with us this year–man lebt bei Ihnen fein. All best wishes for another year of delight, happiness, and astonishing productivity.


  3. Marvellous poetry above!

    We have much to look forward to with the Strauss 150th next year: Rosenkavaliers, Ariadnes galore (and a few Elektras and Frau Ohne Schattens for those like myself who love the out-and-proud Adrianne Pieczonka).

    There are also at least 2 notable Alcinas: firstly Ms Bartoli is in one in Zurich in January, playing the title role, and there is another one in Dresen in the late sprint/early summer, which looks to be possibly the Frankfurt production from a couple of years back – not quite the steam of the Stuttgart, but still steamy while keeping lots of ladies in pants on the job (well, I’m unsure if they actually keep their trousers on or not).

    Glyndebourne have the wonderful (and young!) Tara Erraught as Oktavian for their Rosenkavalier which should be a treat, but are reviving the Carsen Rinaldo in August (not, sadly, with the same case – I adore Brenda Rae’s hot in PVC schoolteacher).

    Thats just what I’ve spotted so far – I’m sure there is loads more.


    1. oh yes, it should be a great White Shirt year!
      I’ve had my eye on the Zurich Alcina for a while; but a revival of the Frankfurt produciton is always good news, too!
      Still no YT surfacing on the Munich Frau ohne Schatten (Pieczonka) or the very recent Forza, but I’ll keep looking (if only they had broadcast the Munich Ariadne back in the day – Pieczonka and SIndram and Damrau, oh my!)


      1. I wasn’t aware of the ultimate Alcina doing a concert tour worldwide with the English concert in October: Joyce didonato as alcina, Alice coote as ruggiero, Sonia prina as bradamente. Don’t forget Your bucket of ice…


        1. still waiting for the complete list of tour dates/places (I’Ve seent hat the Barbican is in, not sure about the rest yet other than Paris), but yes, that will be one for the smelling salts, definitely!


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