White Shirt Monday: You Can Leave Your Hat On

harteros forza leonora[Fine, it’s not a White Shirt, but she might be wearing one underneath! – Anja Harteros as Leonora in Verdi’s “La forza del destino”, Munich 2013.]

While there’s not much footage on YT yet, let’s celebrate last Saturday’s live broadcast from Munich anyway – Kusej’s “religious fanatism/it’s all in Leonora’s head” approach was really interesting, especially the casting of Calatrava/Padre Guardiano and the backstory of little Carlos at the dinner table, but here’s a very shallow, yet very heartfelt thanks to the costume department for putting “Leonora as a male student” in a black coat and THAT HAT.

7 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: You Can Leave Your Hat On”

  1. I am ashamed to say that one of my thoughts on seeing this photo was that she might not have anything on underneath. Ahem, in my defence I am trained to think of all possible permutations of a situation .,


  2. …and for anyone who would like to see the wardrobe question regarding that coat (and other things….) cleared up is now in luck, thanks to Radahime on YT (Intermezzo spotted it first):


  3. As I said on Twitter during the broadcast, the hat and the ever useful IKEA table stole the show, but it was a cracking performance.


  4. Well, tbh, Anja actually owned the show ( as is her wont – she hardly needs to steal it) but that would have been ever more the case has she *really* not been wearing anything under that. Let’s just hope she gets over an entirely unwarranted excess of modesty and supplement her magnificent singing with something of this sort in the future. 😛


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