White Shirt Monday: Suit Yourself

[What’s better than one mezzo White Shirt? Two mezzo White Shirts! – Varduhi Abrahamyan (Bradamante) and Malena Ernman (Ruggiero) in Handel’s (and Christof Loy’s new Zurich) “Alcina”, Zurich 2014. – Photo Credit: Monika Rittershaus for Opernhaus Zürich)]

It’s been a week. I’m merely checking whether I’m over Malena Ernman in a suit yet.

Hmm, let me think…

[Malena Ernman as Ruggiero in Handel’s”Alcina” as staged by White Shirt favorite Christof Loy, Zurich 2014. – Photo Credit: Monika Rittershaus]

Uhm, no.

I guess not.

Not now. Not ever.

[I propose an operatic Black Knight series. Bonus point: Ms. Ernman could do all her own stunts. – Malena Ernman as Ruggiero in Handel’s”Alcina” as staged by White Shirt favorite Christof Loy, Zurich 2014. – Photo Credit: Monika Rittershaus]

11 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Suit Yourself”

  1. I saw Alicina at ENO with Sarah Connolly as Ruggiero. She was wonderful and it was such a great production. I was going through a really bad time at work and it was so much fun and so fabulous that it helped to pull me out of a bit of a downward spiral. Unfortunately ENO dumped their Alcina. Such a crime.

  2. I’m even more tempted now, but it’s so expensive to fly to Zürich I think I’ll only do it for Kasarova… Speaking of which, I dreamt she had a very tall, elegant femme wife with long auburn hair. I was insanely jealous.

      1. it looks soooo fun!! looove the tappiing dancing. super impressed w/ the cartwheel at end too.. amazing:-) (i stood at that exact spot listening to DerR trio…)

  3. Ah Anik this was an amazing Alcina. Obviously high bar to meet what with Kasarova and Harteros last time but for all around ensemble production, fantastic acting and mezzos stripping off white shirts Zurich wins hands down:) Bartoli was great I just loved her in this… but the whole cast were fantastic. Feel good production of the century so far:)

  4. Hi, this is Monika (Rittershaus) writing. Thanks for all your comments.
    Would you like to get some more white shirts? Asmik Grigorian in Loys production ‘Charodeyka’ in Vienna? How can I send them to you? Best, Monika

    1. The Empress of White Shirt Photography herself?
      For real?
      Oh my!

      And it’s not just the stunning images of singers in white shirts or suits – they are our favorite on this blog, of course, but also beyond that, we admire Rittershaus for the style of cool sensuality, and as generally our favorite stage photographer (we often admire singers through your lens).

      I can be reached at aniklachev [at] gmail [dot] com and I don’t think there can ever be too many Rittershaus photos of pretty much anything, much less white shirts! And right now, I think I have to google the “Charodeyka” you are speaking of.

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