Chattamezzo Shoe Shoe


Other people may put their swollen feet up during maternity leave, Elīna Garanča writes a memoir (the small print states “recorded by Ida Metzger and Peter Dusek”) and adds a book tour for good measure.

(Well, possibly she has some spare time on her hands now that she has declared that she has outgrown trouser roles…)

The tome, already published last autumn with Ecowin (I only learned of it last week, I was working all through autumn), is called “What’s really important are the shoes” and details Garanča’s rise to fame and her life as both an opera singer and regular human being (a somewhat more detialed German review cona be found here at the Online Merker).

Allegedly, it’s candid and personal, including musings and fears beyond the usual glamor, which surprises me almost as much as the actual face-pulling on the (still stylized) book cover (download a high-res version here for detail study). After all, this is Garanča we’re talking about. Good for her if she managed to end up in a place where can allow herself to relax a bit more!

And whoever wants more detail on the book, and on Ms. Garanča: There’s a 13-minute-feature still available at the BR media center.  Also, there’sa 70-minute video interview with Garanca on her book from Linz last autumn (German only), courtesy of the Academia Superior:


2 thoughts on “Chattamezzo Shoe Shoe”

  1. I’m still trying to get over “outgrown trouser roles.” Huh?!? Source please. How would you outgrow them?! Aren’t they the lifeblood of mezzos? I’m utterly confused. And I really don’t have over an hour of to listen to an interview to maybe find out. Any more details, please? Thx!!


    1. the source article was discussed here in a recent opera/gender post, along with the inappropriateness of many comments/questions directed at Jaroussky.


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