From The Writing Desk: Plans for 2014

writing desk post headerIt’s already February, so it’s about time to think about this not-quite-so-new-anymore year in writing terms.

As far as ideas go, there are quite a few, but I have to look realistically at the time constraints I am forced to work with (namely, time to take care of my family, and time to fulfill the underpaid lecturer jobs I take on while looking for an actual job), while still trying to write at least one story this year. Writing, however, also means that there will be less to no time for editing, which setbacks my overall grand plan of finally publishing my three big novels – be it on paper or as e-books, with a publisher or on my own.

Editing-wise, 2013 has been a mess. As of spring, I haven’t even opened any of the three documents. Basically, there was applying for a huge scholarship with an insane amount of paperwork, organizing to dissolve my household (which contains more members than just myself) on the side, then actually moving in the summer, seeing said scholarship fall through, and then doing conference and (academic) writing work all through autumn, right up until a few weeks ago, soemthing also mirrored by the relatively slow pace of blogging.

I’m still not ready to give up on my editing/publishing dreams, but I will have to see how this year (work-wise and family-wise) unfolds.

I haven’t even managed to edit “Troubled Passage” yet, to be moved to the Writing Desk in bigger chunks (and I do have some kind edits that some of you have sent it). The same applies to the Bering & Wells adventure “Timeless”, where I had a fabulous beta, who had her own set of time constraints after the first eight chapters, so that one is still hanging in the air, as well, when it actually should be up at the Writing Desk in larger parts for your reading pleasure. I hope to get to at least one of those two this spring; probably first “Troubled Passage”, since I have some more edits to work with there.

There are a few more, much shorter stories in more experimental formats that I wrote as stress relief during the second half of 2013 (in another place and under another name), which I hope to migrate onto this blog and the Writing Desk as well during the first half of 2014. Naturally, they would all need some editing and proof-reading, too, but time has been a lot less flexible (or available, period) since I moved from grad student to post doc, so I don’t know how much actual editing I’ll get done – especially as I’d much rather focus on editing my novels, and, rather still, writing a new story.

At the moment, I have one more or less independent novel plot still in the desk drawer, which would be on par with the likes of “Campus” or “Small Steps”, and I am hesitant to throw myself into it until I have reached a situation where I have planning stability for at least a few years and can promise to finish the story within that time (ultimately, with publication in mind, but you could probably read along with the A draft).

Then, which might be the more manageable option, I have a very new, still evolving plot idea for a Swan Queen (Yes, yes. The idea attacked me in early January while working on a few very tight deadlines – as usual!) Über novella of sorts that in length might lean towards “Troubled Passage”, perhaps a bit shorter (oh, whom am I kidding – probably a bit longer).

That, however, would put the next ‘actual’ novel and the editing of those already written once more onto the backburner, but it would be a chance to return to the joys of writing and sharing a story with you, most likely in the weekly format that worked for “Troubled Passage”. And while it would be Über in the old-fashioned sense (where the names are different and the settings are different, just like in the good old heyday of Xena Über fic) I don’t think it would be very publishable, so it wouldn’t carry much extra work with it.

I’m still undecided as to what do do, and what to do next.

These are the 2014 options currently on the table, just to keep you in the loop.

12 thoughts on “From The Writing Desk: Plans for 2014”

  1. Nice to read you have so many writing/editing plans [considering your too much busy daytime!] I would insist on your “old” novels edition and publishing because they might be the “key” to a new development in your professional side. They are excellent!!!


    1. with how academia cuts are going, you DO have a point there, Sam. Now they want to close down my entire institute. We’re already working without contracts, payments or perspectives, and now even without an institute?!


  2. Good day – glad to see you are still enthused about writing and sharing your stories – if you ever need a beta to sub for your primary beta just drop a note – hugs and purrs from the furkids – Peet and the three whisketeers


  3. It is so exciting to read your writing plans for this 2014 🙂 I’m clapping by myself in the library 🙂 But one sec, “There are a few more, much shorter stories […] (in another place and under another name), …” could you please let us know where to find those? It would be the best way of keeping us entertained while waiting for any ohter thing 🙂
    Thank you and it is great to hear about your coming back plans!


    1. Thanks for the feedback – will work on making those stories accessible, which is why I’m thinking about migrating a few things here.
      I usually keep my brands/styles separate and under separate names for a reason (nevermind they later usually end up crumbling anyway, but I’m not quite there yet, there is one story I still need to finish).


  4. Heh, that’s cool. I’m still so totally amazed that you write so many, so long stories. (I’m already having trouble with keeping the motivation high enough with things that I actually need to write -.-).


  5. I so look forward to anything more you write and post; you always have a fan in me. Your characters, their situations, their everything – it all lives and replays in my head, day after day after day. Thank you.

    And you brought a huge smile to my face: “…perhaps a bit shorter (oh, whom am I kidding – probably a bit longer).”

    I adore your longer stories. Aren’t they all “longer?” 🙂


  6. Hello I have read time ago your novella Campus, and if you need help with the italian parts I am available…well I am italian so I can adjust some dialogues that are in my language, if you think to keep them in a published version of the story…nothing big but some words weren’t quite right.

    My favorite fiction of yours is Small steps, so much so that I re-read it once a year!!! LOL


    1. Hi Ferny, thank you for the offer! – I have thought back and forth about the foreign language bits and am laning towards keeping them. Perhaps I could simply send you an email with all the phrases? I’ll get to it as soon as I can.


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