White Shirt Monday: In The Unlikeliest of Places

[Somewhere between the shirt, the trenchcoat and the slicked back hair, I sense a White Shirt moment… Angela Denoke (Kundry) and Willard White (Klingsor) in the ROH’s recent production of Wagner’s “Parsifal”, London/ROH 2013. – Photo Credit. Clive Barda.]

While there’s always been gay-male homoerotic undertone to “Parsifal” that’s been explored a lot in the past decade of producing the opera, one could never blame it for being anything else but the dearth of the Act II ending when it comes to feminism, lesbians and other vital matters.

Leave it to Angela Denoke to stir things up even as Kundry. Also, did White’s Klingsor get his outfit straight (or not so straight) from Buffy’s Spike, whom I’ve always found very easy to read as a butch (arguably, soft butch) lesbian?

2 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: In The Unlikeliest of Places”

  1. Spike as butch, that’s it! I’ve never really thought about it but I guess that might explain a lot of his appeal. Tormented pulp fiction butch rather than the annoying whiny petty criminal he ought to be… What about Wesley Wyndham Pryce, isn’t he a sort of more dandy soft butch as well? There’s something about the male characters in (early) Whedon, they don’t read as normal male characters…


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