White Shirt Monday: A Byron Fantasy

SC_FNTSIO_OOTAOE_FB[Further proof that Sarah Connolly is actually Lord Byron reincarnated. That, or Oscar Wilde’s younger, even better-looking brother. – Sarah Connolly during the Orchestra of the Age of Enlighentment’s (OAE) concert performance of Offenbach’s romantic White Shirt operetta “Fantasio”, London 2013. – Photo Credit: OAE via the The OAE Facebook page]

Cuffs and red velvet and THE HAIR and 19th century collars and… oh my.

I’d be hard-pressed to choose between Connolly’s Byron and her silver fox Cesare (but oh, what a delightful tough place of choice to be in!)… Who is your Conolly trouser favorite?

7 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: A Byron Fantasy”

  1. There is a sort of seemly satisfaction
    In faces of the few who know their worth —
    Have proved it — felt its force in thought and action —
    And rank themselves among the great of earth.
    Not vanity — such minds feel no attraction
    To tinsel — nor self-pride — but almost mirth:
    “Another test, another triumph” — dare a
    Mere mortal worship thee, divinest Sarah?


    1. there is the Byron Sesto from Aix, which might still float around YT. Snippets of Octavian at ENO. Nerone at the Liceu with Miah Persson. 🙂


  2. It’s a tie between Cesare and Nerone for me. Not so fond of her take on Sesto, or rather that whole production (though she sure looks gorgeous!)


  3. Her Phedre, in Hippolyte et Aricie – video was available from Glyndebourne, Arte Live Web, may be again sometime. Her Agrippina from Liceu – never found any video. Wonderful production stills.
    Her Ariodante is complete on YouTube, stronger vocally than visually, I felt about the entire production.


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