Double Mezzo Alert: “Alcina” with Bartoli & Ernman

ME_MR_02[Malena Ernman as Ruggiero in Handel’s “Alcina” as staged by Christof Loy, Zurich 2014. – Photo Credit: Monika Rittershaus for Opernhaus Zürich]

My birthday came early this year: Over at Casa della Cieca, the hostess and Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin (“Lass er das nicht weg!”) have shared the recent Zurich “Alcina” (full audio). Remember to bring flowers, and head over here.

My only regret is not being able to see those Sta nell’Ircana push-ups. I’ll take the vocal prowess, though.

(And in case anyone was wondering: no, I’m still not over Malena Ernman in a suit. Any suit.)

4 thoughts on “Double Mezzo Alert: “Alcina” with Bartoli & Ernman”

    1. you’re right, I just checked again and the post seems to be gone?!
      – The soundfile is still online at mixcloud, though:

      All tribute to La Cieca and Jungfer Marianne Leitzmetzerin!


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