White Skirt Monday: Waltzing Aida

AIDAZH[Là ci darem la mano…? Latonia Moore (Aida) and Iano Tamar (Amneris) in Tatjana Gürbaca’s reading of Verdi’s “Aida”, Zurich 2014. – Photo Credit: Zurich Opera]


Amneris: Pace t’imploro, pace, pace…

Aida (stepping though the door): Requiem for Rhadamès?

Amneris: I just got to the “Rest in peace” part. And I was crying over you!

Aida: No need for that. Turns out that lareacrofting around Gizeh isn’t all that it’s made up to be. Very dusty.

Amneris: …busty?

Aida: I hear you.

Amneris: So, the tenor?

Aida: Slated for a revival in 3000 years: “The Mummy – Raise of the Tenor King”.

Amneris: So… can I interest you in a swanky cruise down to Luxor meanwhile?

Aida: I thought you’d never ask. I even have an aria for that. (hums “O patria mia”)

Amneris: speaking of singing, have you heard of that little riverside ditty by Mr. Délibes?

Aida: Sous le dôme épais…

5 thoughts on “White Skirt Monday: Waltzing Aida”

  1. Hee hee! I love your work in this form. And the rhythm of your title.
    Still, don’t those postures look like tango?


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