White Shirt Monday: Uptied

haveman loy vepres[If there is anyone who can be trusted to find a way to put a woman into suit and tie even in the most unlikeliest of operas, it is Cristof Loy, the White Shirt patron saint among the stage directors. Point in question: Barbara Haveman as Hélène in Verdi’s difficult “Les vêpres siciliennes” (an intriguing reading throughout), Amsterdam 2010.]

Fine, the suit-wearing of Hélène is supposed to be a sign of mourning for the loss of her brother. So there is even a perfectly logical explanation for a Verdi prima donna to make an entrance (this is her entrance scene) in trousers.

Other than that, it also looks good.

(The production is also available on DVD in case anyone would like to see more of the suit, which in the end is exchanged first for a black sheath dress, and then for some pink flower twinset. You have been warned.)

2 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Uptied”

  1. Anik please help ! I’ve lost your email address. I had a mild stroke on May 6th and desperately trying to get better every day not sure what email u have for me I get both the aol. & gmail on this phone. Drop a note when you have time. Out internet has been out and it’s back tomorrow.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Warm Regards,
    Mary Carol


  2. let me sneak a comment in here..
    first to mention the cheekbone.. gets me everytime..
    2nd: a review, to supplement stray’s 2 niiice posts on what sounds like a very interesting and fabulous staging (and Komposer)


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