White Shirt Monday: We’ll Always Have Vienna

RKDD_SI_DS_13[“No! Let’s Get Back To Bed, Boy is a horrible, horrible song!” – True, perhaps, but one cannot argue with the point it makes. Add the sideburns, tux stripes and attitude (can I have  a stanza for that stance?!), and we’ve got a Princess W. with royal self-control on our hands. Soile Isokoski (Marschallin) and Daniela Sindram (Octavian) in Strauss’ “Rosenkavalier”, Dresden 2013. – Photo Credit: Matthias Creutziger / Semperoper Dresden]

Since last week, we ended up talking about this year’s “Rosenkavalier” run at Semperoper Dresden starring Anja Harteros as Princess Werdenberg and Sophie Koch as Octavian, why not revisit the Dresden production?

It’s not the the freshest (neither in date nor invention), done by Uwe Eric Laufenberg, but it does have a nice 1940s feel to it (though he might have aimed for 1930s?) – not the most common trope when it comes to Rosenkavalier – which means tuxes, and Joan Crawford shoulders on Marie-Theres’ and paparazzi for Ochs at the Beisl. It might look even better in black and white and with some trenchcoats, though.

This season, the Dresden production is running Dec. 7th, 14th and 21st, with Harteros and Koch; the photo above is from the 2013 edition (Isokoski and Sindram – none to shabby, either).

24 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: We’ll Always Have Vienna”

    1. Quick people someone bring me a fan, smelling salts and a bottle of malt, this lady seems to have come over rather queer .. (the whisky is for me of course, one should never give alcohol to a patient, sadly).


        1. apparently, all it takes is an image of Ms. Sindram and the White Shirt crowd goes all pitter patter? (I wll sing up for anything that results in a good bottle of malt!)


  1. Now the way that you pose there thrusting
    It’s definitely you get me lusting
    Burn, burn, burn! I feel you staring
    Everytime you lean close I start flaring
    (right there)
    Kiss me on the left, kiss me on the right
    With your white shirt studs, you make me happy all night
    Burn, burn, burn my will’s going
    All I wanna do is make duet with you
    Hey yeah, stand tall cause all you’re gonna give
    You’ll get back from me (don’t turn your back to me)
    Hey yeah, stand tall
    (feel my hand baby)
    Let’s get back into bed baby
    Monday until Sunday you’ll understand one day
    Let’s get back to bed, boy, (come on)
    Let’s get back to bed, boy
    April ’til November I will kiss you but remember
    Let’s get back to bed, boy (come on)
    Let’s get back to bed, boy
    Morgen oder evening someday you’ll be leaving
    Let’s get back to bed, right now
    (Ja, ja, that’s right)


    1. (also, this is a far more classy treatment than that drivel ever deserved – though the title still stands. Rather tall, too.)


    1. …as was Lott!
      (the good thing about that dusty old thing is that it’s all about the singers, always. And God knows that Munich is a stop for all the really good ones!)


      1. VERY occasional Sophie. Apropos Isokoski, a truly remarkable singer. A wonderful Marschsllin and a bunch of other things besides. A beautiful voice, immaculate technique, and, despite a lack of conventionl charisma and great dramatic talent, certain presence and professionalism that makes her a very effective performer (though something short of Krassi at her best.💕💕💕).

        Her career is all the more remarkable in that it didn’t really get started until she was 40, and mostly in Mozart, a repertoire many sopranos drop – and are indeed incapable of doing justice to – at that age. It’s great to see it continue even as younger, more glamorous, more famous colleagues loose their voice and in some instances drop from sight. It’s a tough profession and I have great sympathy for some of them but am all the more pleased for Isoloski.

        (Have a lot more on the Munich Rosenkavaliet but will bite my fingers – except to say that I would not underrate Harteros by calling her a goddess and that Sceanewilms sucks.😉


        1. there *is* a lot to say on the Munich Rosenkavalier – there should be, too, since it’s been around since 1979 (and opened with FASSBAENDER and KLEIBER and Popp and Jones – to me, in that order) and many of us have probably seen it more than once over the years.

          Couldn’t agree more with your take on Isokoski. I’ve always thought that the late international fame has allowed her to truly grow into her own beforehand and has allowed her to make all the right choices.

          And the occasional Sophie – while I find it hard to believe that any real life Octavian would NOT pick the Marschallin in any given situation, there are some, or so I’ve heard 😉


        2. Ugh!!! “MarschAllin”, “…charisma OR great …”, A certain presence…” … as I said, UGH!!!

          I was a Rosenkavalier virgin when I saw the Kleiber for the 1st time and its been a passionate love affair ever since. Don’t really disagree with your rankings, except to say that they were all fantastic – and I haven’t really changed my mind a couple dozen viewing later – and Jones perhaps most notably so. I love Dame Gwyneth but she was hardly renowned for her invariably immaculate vocal control and the way she managed to do that here and scale down effectively was notable, impressive and satisfying. Generally will be sorry to see the old dusty thing go, as rumor has it is the plan a couple of years hence.

          The “Sophie” issue is getting tricker as one meets people who REEK of Marschalliness, yet are younger than you and are actually approaching MT’s nominal age. Die Zeit…


          1. I only own the DVD, but if you put it that way: Jones is very un-Jones in that one (and I say that as someone who had photocopies of a photo volume on her career among my most treasured teenage possessions).
            The Marschallinnen who get younger and younger… yes, I suppose that is why I picture myself over in the Marianne Leitzmetzerin corner with “ein alter Tokayer” to toast youth gone by; and being grateful that I am not quite at Onkel Greifenklau level yet.


          1. Thank you for the link!

            And yes, that’s the one – but wasn’t the cover photo from Ägyptische Helena? Either way: Egypt!


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