White Shirt Monday: Wir bleiben Troy

troyanos ludwig RK[Well, Ms.Ludwig, who would not be smiling at THAT? – Tatiana Troyanos (Octavian) and Christa Ludwig (Marschallin) towards the end of Act I in Strauss’ “Rosenkavalier”, Salzburg 1969. – Photo Credit: Willi Schuh (ed.). Der Rosenkavalier. Fassungen, Filmszenarium, Briefe. Frankfurt/M.: Fischer 1971, illustr. 45.]

I think I’ve found the equivalent of Bering & Wells romance angst in opera: It’s the look on Tatiana Troyanos’ face when her Octavian realizes that he will never kiss Her Highness the Empress Werdenberg again.

Also: GOD, that jawline.

Actually, I was at the library for something entirely different, but I didn’t manage to walk past this volume. It’s still Strauss year, and how to celebrate it better than with many, many Octavians? (well, with many, many a Marschallin, obviously, if one *is* a White Shirt of sorts).

Stumbling over this photo als made me realize that it has been 21 (!!) years, 2 weeks and 3 days since we lost Tatiana Troyanos. It does not feel that long, and yet it feels much too long.

23 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Wir bleiben Troy

    1. TT was a GREAT actress, especially in this role. With E. Lear — who I think might have been her first Marschallin (?) she was white hot. With Kool Kiri, a bit less so.


    1. I would try to get a hold of her Eboli, in whatever form:

      My first contact was Cherubino under Böhm, and I am still not over it.

      Then, OF COURSE; the entire MET 1982 Rosenkavalier.

      She is in the Tito DVD that Ponelle did in the 1980s, as Sesto. And incredible Didon, too (not very White Shirt, but THAT SOUND can make anything whiteshirtey).

      THis is a good starting point to go hunting: http://www.todoperaweb.com.ar/nf/search.php?rs=4&searchstring=troyanos&id=
      And there are a lot of live recordings from her MET years, where her career was centered, and MET Radio/Sirius still have them, so if you have access to that, check it out. Particularly her Geschwitz (and alert me if you find that one accessible anywhere!).


        1. only listen to those Rückert Lieder if you have a daylight lamp stashed away somewhere, and never in November, or you will komm the world pretty abhanden, too (it’s not Kozena Mahler, or Alice Coote Mahler, but it is Troyanos, so…)
          Yes to Dido!! And also to Didon. YT has the love duet and P Domig-iddy is mellow in comparison. Amazing,


    2. Alas, TT recorded VERY little: her first (only) label was DGG, and they dumped her when she left Hamburg to return to NYC. I (@ DG by then) got her into Bernstein’s West Side Story — probably her last recording. She was, predictably, great.


        1. Same, Dr. Dog! I was much more into Dame Kiri at that point. Troyanos happened slowly, but had a lasting effect – her voice is one of those that keeps haunting me. (I suspect that would be the same even if there were more recordings – there are far too little, true. Thank God there is some available botlegged stuff around, on YT and others, although I am always left wanting more.)
          My starting point was between that very West Side Story and Cherubino with Böhm.


          1. Around that time I remember coming across one of Dame Kiri’s Rosenkavaliers in a record shop, mouth open staring at the cover trying to decipher it and my response to it. Didn’t last long my mother moved me along saying “You won’t like that!”


    1. white suit with white shirt and red tie? Of course.

      Looks like Cherubino stepped out of a Henry James novel. Let’s see how they handle the 2nd act!


  1. Heard a rather interesting “O don fatale”, in German, with with Fassbaender a few months ago. Hessiche Rundfunk, I think. VERY intriguing.


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