White Shirt Monday: Knightress of the Rose

erraught_ZEIT40.14[We will heartily buy into that headline. Repeatedly. – Featured in the OpernSpezial of ZEIT 40/14 (p.67): Tara Erraught in Munich]

Good things first: It was a pleasure to open the opera pages and find a well-deserved bit of publicity and praise for Tara Erraught (written by Mirko Weber), which is also available in the online edition (free access). Erraught is currently on stage with Strauss’ “Die schweigsame Frau” (think “Don Pasquale”) in Munich and will be in “Vec Makropulos”, and BOTH will be streamed for free – “Schweigsame Frau” (Including Brenda Rae of Glyndebourne “Rinaldo” fame, and McSwoony Daniel Behle) on Oct. 5th, “Makropulos” (also starring Nadja Michael) on November 1st.

Not so good things: uhm, Erraught has been in Munich since, what, 2009? 2008? And the subheader reads “Now Munich”? She has conquered Munich ages ago. Also, of course there’s more beating the dead, overweight horse of this summer’s ugly sexist reviews regarding Erraught’s stellar Glyndebourne performance, which also seems to be the only thing the comment section is interested in. Ugh.

Let’s focus on the the more interesting content instead: Erraught being adorable about lacking talent on the violin, plans that include “Cenerentola” in Washington, and “regular lied studying” with the respective house altar goddess Brigitte Fassbaender herself.

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