“Sein wir wieder gut”: Friday Smile & Sigh

visse gruberova BCN09

[Edita Gruberova on a late surprise revival of her sparkling Queen of the Night?

That’s what I first thought, but it’s Dominique Visse as Arnalta in the 2009 Willy Decker Liceu production of Monteverdi’s “L’incoronazione di Poppea”, known to most White Shirt readers of this site as “the one with the insanely hot bad boy Nerone of Sarah Connolly”.]

Speaking of which: Connolly doing Nerone should at all times come with a warning label. Oh my.

But seriously, why did I never realize that Dominique Visse is such a dead ringer for latter day Gruberova? (and I say this affectionally, I will NEVER accept a Mozert concert aria disc that is not the Gruberova/Harnoncourt one).

If, like me, you could use a pick-me-up after a trying week, have three glorious minutes of Arnalta laying down the laws of politics, age, and wealth. Visse is flawless in his delivery – you wish you could take off your coat like that and shimmy in those heels!

And then have three minutes og heartache and beautiful, human warmth with Maite Beaumont’s “Addio Roma” as proof that there is sound like warm afternoon sunlight.

2 thoughts on ““Sein wir wieder gut”: Friday Smile & Sigh”

  1. On a happier note, I saw her as Nerone in a semi-staged performance last week. It was fabulous – as dramatic as any staged version. Unfortunately Lynne Dawson as poppea was a problem but the rest … The duet with Lucano was amazing.


    1. always good to hear.
      The rehearsal shot looked like a lot of staging action to me – then again, with good singer-actresses, you don’t need much to turn it into a staged version.


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