From the Writing Desk: 2014 in Writing.

writing desk post headerHow do you realize you’ve been away from blogging for too long?

You don’t recognize the interface when you log in.

How is it supposed to be an improved posting experience when suddenly, I find all images I insert downsized and with a white border frame? This does not work with my color scheme (if WordPress discontinues the “classic” mode, I may have to change to a black-on-white layout overall. Grumble.).

Editing quibbles aside, this year has been pretty much a disaster in writing and editing. Especially in editing. I don’t think I’ve opened any of the three big folders in the entire year, and am indecisive regarding my publishing plans – print, ebook, online, give up? If only I had any time. At all.

The year went a little better in regards to writing. That lengthy Swan Queen Über still waits to be written, but the entire layout is done, in great detail. I just need a couple of months with nothing else to do, and it should practically write itself. Who knows what will happen in 2015?

I did manage to write some smaller stories in 2014 – in another place, under another name, to try out a few new things in style and pacing, as has happened a few times before. I’ll let you be the judge of the results and will upload everything to the Writing Desk in the next few days. Three more such stories are underway, depending on my time constraints.

Most of what I wrote this year were academic presentation and applications. I am aiming for more fiction for 2015!

7 thoughts on “From the Writing Desk: 2014 in Writing.”

  1. Happy New Year, Anik! I cannot wait to read the results of your trying out “a few new things”!! Best wishes to you, and I’m hoping you find a little more time in 2015 🙂


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