Mezzo Alert: Last Vestiges of Christmas

VKchrinvi14sm[Do you remember the silver Season 4 biosuit? Do you? – Natalia Ushakova (Med Department?) and Vesselina Kasarova celebrate Christmas in Vienna]

Do you know what the Flower Duet from The Hunger Lakmé has to do with an otherwise rather cheesy Christmas program? Do you even care, beyond the fact that Kasarova is involved?

Either way, if you are interested in some VK in a slinly silver gown and some seasonal tunes, and, yes, THAT Lakmé piece, you might want to head over here (I don’t know how long the links will be working).

6 thoughts on “Mezzo Alert: Last Vestiges of Christmas”

  1. Hehehe, luckily the whole thing is also now on youtube, so hopefully we’ll be able to keep enjoying for a bit. 😉 And to make the season even merrier a kind soul also uploaded the Lakme duet from last year’s Red Ribbon Concert where VK does Malika to Jennifer O’Loughlin’s Lakme ( ), in better voice.. she throws in an extra phrase which I don’t mind at all, sucker for freebie that I am. 😉


    1. thanks, Smorgy! I should have known that you knew the answers here…
      I stumbled upon the program and thought “eh?!” but wasn’t about to complain. Freebies and that gown and all that. Although I’m really not into Christmas sets by boy choirs. This one didn’t really change my stance there.


      1. oh, the San Franccisco Idomeneo?
        (had a habit on piling nearly all the clothing on the upper body, if I rememeber correctly – wird choice, but nope, not really complaining.)


      2. The Chicago Lyric one, I think, since that’s Mariela Devia behind her as Ilia (I think she had Bonney as her Ilia at SFO). 😀 I’m afraid I’ve only seen two photos from the San Francisco production, but it’s pretty similar (over-clothed on top with skimpy tights sort of contraption 🙂 ) Must be American fashion at the time or something. 😛


        1. I didn’t recognize Devia – thank you!
          (was it one of those touring productions? Or perhaps really just poofy fashion choices! 😉 )


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