White Shirt Monday: Just dandy.

papoulkas RK DD

[the frock might be Gabriel Eisenstein (last taken off a tenor by Rosalinde, and really, could she not have picked a mezzo instead?), but the tie is possibly Bonanza. Which is is Rosenkavalier scenario I had not really considered before. – Antigone Papoulkas going casual dandy at Semperoper Dresden in Strauss’ “Rosenkavalier”, Dresden betw. 2006-2010]

While I will never forget that I first saw Papoulkas in in a tanktop and fatigues (Loy’s “Alcina” in Hamburg, around 2000), I would also line up for her way of wearing this jacket.

Also, it is really high time somebody did a production of “The Bat” where the queerness is not restrained to Orlofsky, on whom all the queer laughs are pinned (unless it is Fassbaender, than the laughs are on everyone else) and where the venturing out into seual territory past the straight missionary position does not end with a sleazy allusions to a threesome between Frank, Adele and Ida.

Instead, there should be Alfredine underneath Rosalinde’s window, and there should be an actual Hungarian Countess at the ball to challenge her to a duel over Rosalinde. Or over Alfredine.

The beauty of the “Rosenkavalier”? – It doesn’t need that kind of queering, it already is that queer.

11 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Just dandy.”

    1. …AND, since it is La Monnaie, it should be available for free for the customary three weeksafter the run finishes. 🙂


    2. (…unless there will be copyright issues since it’s coproduced for Drottningholm, or originally produced for Drottningholm, along with the Alcina that is also currently running.
      I’m not over the moon regarding Pierre Audi, but damn if Delphine Galou isn’t perfectly dashing (I might in fact be tempted to quote “Astérix et Cléopâtre” here nd would be very serious about it)).


  1. More happy week. The Aix Clemenza (Sarah!) is back. It doesn’t want to play via You Tube but the link from Verdi Prati still seems to be working.


    1. Did Michael Landon’s hair not actually win an Emmy as a separate entity one time? O is that a popular myth (though with a grain of truth because those waves!!)?


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