White Shirt Monday: Floored

WSM by Lang Andronico Galou[Expecting those floor boards to spontaneously combust in 3, 2, 1,… – Delphine Galou as Andronico in Handel’s “Tamerlano” as staged by Pierre Audi, Brussels 2015. – Photo Credit: screencap by Lang]

Three hours of Baroque cleavage, tailcoats and jabots, featuring Ann Hallenberg as Irene (which might explain the sparse scenery – she probably would have chewed through it within her first aria), Christophe Dumaux as Tamerlano (Tolomeo all grown up!) and the dashing Delphine Galou as Andronico – and still available for streaming here, in case you missed the livestream  (and check in today as of noon for Alcina with Sandrine Piau and Maite Beaumont!).

Christophe Rousset conducts the Pierre Audi production that is not that innovative or inspiring, but aesthetically pleasing (part of which I do shallowly attribute to a) Galou and b) Hallenberg) – and it has an interesting catch in that Audi derived the pace of his staging from the Baroque Drottningholm theatre, and while there may be a a bit much of somber walks coupled with staring broodily offstage, it is not jarring at any point, and a solid read.

22 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Floored”

  1. To EARTH, my heart
    A leaden weight.
    WATER doth start
    In tears, my fate.
    AIR fans with sighs
    That rage and blow
    FIRES that arise
    From H— below.

    STARS! As her name
    Doth honor ye,
    HEAVEN! Aflame
    I raise this plea:
    Thou matchless, know
    LOVE burns my soul
    Like H— below.


    1. then again, if the Audi productions make fitzfulke break into verse, they are officially my favorite thing this week!
      Racine is not quite as elemental, after all…


    1. what would be the opposite saying of “hell freezes over”? winter aflame”? Well, something like that… it is not every day that you envy a set of floorboards!


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