White Shirt What Day Is It Even?

beaumont alcina monnaie

[It’s a work avalanche! It’s another head cold! It’s a stampede of deadlines! – Maite Beaumont (Ruggiero), possibly channeling some of my worries (or not. Dating cougar sorcoresses is unfortunately not on my agenda.) in Handel’s “Alcina”, Brussels 2015.]

This is just a brief apology post – though why not have some Maite Beaumont while we are at it? – to let you know that I am indeed under attack by a few deadlines until the end of next week, so there will most likely not be any posting activity while I attempt to balance the sudden onslaught of things not mezzosopranos or fiction.

5 thoughts on “White Shirt What Day Is It Even?”

  1. I believe Maite Beaumont secretly controls the weather. Whenever she sings, there’s gentle warmth and sunshine.


  2. Had the privilege of seeing her live in Amsterdam. Her Ruggiero was sturdy but sensitive at the same time. Her connection with Sandrine Piaus Alcina was evident and touching, especialy during the Verdi Prati aria in the second act. Wonderful voice. Wonderful cast.


    1. lucky, very lucky you! thank you for sharing.
      I hope Beaumont will keep the part in her repertory for another couple of years.


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