White Shirt Wednesday

[Joyce DiDonato and Juan Diego Florez talking about Rossini’s “La Donna del Lago.” Things get interesting around 1’30]

Actually, it’s not White Shirt Wednesday as much as “somewhere there is a black tankop underneath the subtly see-through dress” Wednesday, and the video isn’t that grand, either, but sometimes, all it takes to brighten up a Wednesday is a giddy Joyce DiDonato (with a haircut that I remember fondly from an ex whom I also remember fondly) telling you “…she’s in love with a mezzo, who plays a man, which is basically all we need to know.”

True for so many operas!

Bonus at 2:05: “…and I end up with the mezzo. It’s good. All is good.”

Not true for quite as many operas, but it should be.

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