From The Writing Desk: The Key – Chapter 7 (story completed)

[Banner sources: 1)2)3)4); see Chapter 1 for details]

Early Modern Spanish Bering & Wells (cont’d & hereby completed)

Dear lone reader,

Thanks to an unexpected free half hour of editing, “The Key” has reached its end: Chapter 7 has now been uploaded to the Writing Desk.

With the mark of 1,000,000 hits in close reach, there will be a new story to celebrate. This one, though, will be written in real time, so times between updates may differ greatly. Gaps will not be as big as they were with “Campus” (I hope), the story will also not be as long as “Campus” (I hope), but it is variation of a project that I have been meaning to write since 2005.

I had thought about closing the blog at one million hits, a number that has been out there for quite a bit. There were various reasons for that train of thought: my writing time has become very limited, and since there is less to read, there are also far fewer readers. Also, new blogs and different forms of blogging have emerged since 2008, which is when I started Eye Bags (hello, opera Tumblrs!) and you can easily get your lesbian opera and music blogging elsewhere, from dear colleagues like Dr. T or Eyes, to name just two.

It is frustrating for me that I do not get the time to do as much in depth analysis or singer reviews as I want to any longer, but much as I try, the day still ends at 24 hours.

Despite all that, though, I am not ready to close down Eye Bags. It will simply continue at its slower pace, and then eventually speed up again. Or at least that is the plan (unless they close down WordPress before that. I am thinking long-term, as original readers of “Campus” can confirm). Eye Bags will also continue to serve as my fiction archive, and I will continue to write, no matter the pace, simply because it makes me happy (and, other than singing or dancing, it is nothing my neighbors can complain about).

Bottom line, there will continue to be as much White Shirt blogging as I can manage, even if it is little, and there will also be another story, very soon.

3 thoughts on “From The Writing Desk: The Key – Chapter 7 (story completed)”

  1. “If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life.” Do as you choose, must, please, can, will – and your readers will grateful for whatever you share with us.


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