From The Writing Desk: Stages, Chapter 4

Friday night -time to read or to go dancing?

(sorry about the lack of an update last week; I am currently trying to move countries while juggling deadlines, and writing or editing time is hard to come by)

“Once more from Via amici, correte a volo. – Myka, your entrance!”

Myka’s entrance, in this case, is driving a pretend car with bright headlights into a nighttime garden, where everyone is making out with someone whom they believe to be someone else in the darkness. Arminda has ended up in the arms of her of her own uncle – by the looks of if, Bennet is not objecting to having Helena draped across him – and the Count is trying to seduce the maid.

“As if I’d look anything like Amanda,” Kelly protests. “Particularly if one is looking with their hands!”

Nielsen is unperturbed. “Such is the power of desire.” He nods at Myka. “You, in contrast, are the arrival of reason and order.”

“Of course she’s the one to kill the fun,” Helena mutters under her breath.

Bennet chuckles at that and Myka rolls her eyes at both of them across the hood of her pretend car. At least in a minute, she will get to berate Arminda – or perhaps it is Helena – again for causing all that nighttime chaos. She has done it about nine times tonight already, but she will enjoy doing it a tenth time, even if her limbs are sore already, and her breathing takes a lot more effort to control.

“Perchè tiranna cotanta asprezza?”

She does not reach out to touch Helena, keeps her hands balled into fists as she yells at her.

Helena holds her gaze with that unnerving crackle, even on the tenth try. “Oggetto odioso tu fosti e sei.”

She is still burning with intensity even as everyone else is becoming mellow with exhaustion. Myka feels stiff in comparison, disconnected from the scene, even before Helena mutters, matter-of-factly, “This does not work.”

The full chapter is up on the Writing Desk here.


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