White Shirt Monday: Polish Count Greta Garbo

arianna-a-nasso KL Comp[Kate Lindsey giving Count Victor a run for his money as Composer in Richard Strauss’ “Ariadne auf Naxos”, Glyndebourne 2013. – Photo Credit: Alastair Muir]

Chorus Boy [#1]: [watching ‘Victor’ rehearse] He’s fantastic.

Chorus Boy [#2]: He’s a phony.

Admirer at rehearsal: What do you mean?

Chorus Boy [#2]: If he’s a Polish count, I’m Greta Garbo.

Admirer at rehearsal: Well, Greta, whatever he is, I think he’s divine.

(Victor/Victoria, 1982).

Victor, down to the neckwear!

In “Victor/Victoria”, just before the grand opening sequence of ‘Victor’ with Le Jazz Hot, there is a minute of rehearsal footage and the above-quoted backstage exchange. So is Kate Lindsey actually a Polish Count? – Not that you needed an excuse to rewatch either Lindsey in a trouser role or Andrews in “Victor/Victoria”…

4 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Polish Count Greta Garbo”

    1. And how am I supposed to find sleep right now, dear Count? (thank you for the shot! Leather it is – and what nice back cleavage, too.)


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