White Shirt Monday: Ribbons, Wires, Laces


[Non so più cosa faccio con questo laccio?! – Mildred Miller as Cherubino in Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro”, New York/MET 1951. – Photo Credit: Sedge LeBlang via metarchives]

It is possible, in this day and age, to move to a fairly sized European capital and be without an internet connection for two months.

After the move, the bank needed its own sweet time to confirm my account (not that I have seen a salary yet, and it is my third month on the job by now – not that I am complaining, I do have a job, in academia, for more than 3 months, which is already winning the lottery) and when I then, at last, ordered the coveted cable broadband, the company in question informed me that the next possible date of installation would be four weeks into the future.

I was not amused, but did not really have a lot of options available, so I counted down those four weeks.

Enter the IT technician, who takes one look at my wiring and says “Sorry, Ma’am, but it’s too old, cable broadband won’t work with these wires.” Nevermind that upon renting the apartment, I had been assured repeatedly that broadband was an option. Well, technically, it *is* an option – “We just need to tear open the wall, Ma’am, and find the connecting hub… or we will simply drill through the front door from the hallway and put in new wiring above the wall!”

Neither of these suggestions was met with outward enthusiasm by my landlord, so I gave up, canceled everything and ordered DSL instead, which will be slower, but will hopefully work. Unless, of course, the phone cables are too old to and upon connecting the modem, I’ll be asked by the switchboard operator to specify my connection.

Finally, upon contracting DSL, I was informed that – “to prepare the connection, Ma’am” – I would have to wait for another 3-5 weeks to actually be connected.

Bottom line: I will be offline for a few more weeks. Also, as I type this – in my office, which is not air-conditioned and responding in kind to the 90+°F outside – there are four construction workers dismantling said office, since apparently it is renovation time over summer. I do have a deadline to meet tomorrow, though, and this is the only place with at least a LAN connection at my disposal.


6 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Ribbons, Wires, Laces”

    1. now I wish I could check out that Lied, but it will still take a while (noted, though! I had never really heard of Millter before; I must remedy that)


  1. IT technicians… [a sigh]. Renovations… [more and deeper sighs]. I know how you feel…! You have my sympathy, and Cherubino’s! 🙂


    1. It is oddly entertaining in a way – the construction crew actually painted the room around me yesterday (they were kind enough to let me keep hammering away at my keyboard) – I finished the rough draft high on paint fumes and probably owe them a round of beer.


  2. Are you sure you haven’t inadvertently moved to Ireland? Those kinds of experiences would be typical here. Welcome (partly) back.


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