Emoticon sù, emoticon giù…

crescendo operamoticonsCan you guess the twelve operas in question? – Crescendo writer Axel Brüggemann posted this operatic dozen to the classical music zine’s FB page – knock yourself out, White Shirts (well there is but one White Shirt candidate in the mix, but still, I could queer up some of the others) and opera buffs! Or better yet, make up your own.

I admit I was stupefied on 6 for a bit, but the rest was a – very entertaining – breeze. And couldn’t we all use a bit of a breeze in this summer heat?

In not quite related news, I FINALLY am connected to the internet again, as of an hour ago, but alas, the maximum download speed seems to be about 100kbps (instead of the promised 35,000 – I would be happy with 4,000, really), so that saga will have another part. It’s turning out to be my personal ring-up of the Nibelung.

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