From The Writing Desk: Stages, Chapter 6

Aaand we’re back.

I’m sorry this took so long – as stated in various posts already, I moved countries and it took the responsible company two months to get me back online (it’s been two rather long months).

By now, this year’s Aix festival has come and gone, with a sexed-up “Alcina” (still available at ArteConcert), indeed a Tchaikovsky, and a reopening of Carsen’s fabulus Midsummer Night’s Dream, among other things. But for now, and for a considerable while longer, let’s pretend that we’re still in the middle of rehearsals of “La finta giardiniera”, where Helena and Myka still grapple with finding a way to act around each other – onstage as much as offstage – and where Amada has just beat Pete in an XBox duel and Claudia worries about her singers when Artie Nielsen does not.

Get back into it here.

2 thoughts on “From The Writing Desk: Stages, Chapter 6”

  1. Have I told you recently how much I appreciate this story? It is a tribute to your writing skills rather than my memory that I can recall all the previous chapters. But the reminder and the notes are an added bonus 🙂


  2. nostalgia?- i’m not alone – thank you! love, paula (who will absolutely read this story. i mean, how couldn’t i, with a helena on board/stage…)


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