6 thoughts on “From The Writing Desk: Stages, Chapter 8”

  1. “And Myka has little doubt that Helena, caught up in the scene…” really? and here I was getting excited about another reason for that behaviour. Oh, well. I guess I have too much imagination 😦
    I love how the scenes from the operas mingles perfectly in the development of the story.
    Thank you for continuing the story! Can’t wait for next chapter.


    1. Helena probably would not physically attack Sam offstage (even if she might like to) – onstage, however…
      And then there’s the fact that Myka is not quite grasping the extent of Helena’s jealousy yet.


      1. Your 2nd point was my #1 🙂 I wouldn’t think Helena would actually attack Sam offstage, unless he does something that deserves a good kick in the %$#@!!
        I cant wait to see how you are going to make Helena find out the reason for Myka’s jealousy… or even notice that she is actually jealous 🙂


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