Blue Moon Tuesday: The Hunger Edition

The Hunger: seria Edition

[AfterEllen just reviewed “The Hunger” in their Sapphic Cinema column. Also, Catherine Deneuve just turned 72. – And whatever happens in “Mitridate” here, I wouldn’t be surprised to find David Bowie walking in next. Then again, points to opera seria for these two ending up getting married instead of one of them nailing the other one’s coffin shut. – Netta Or (Aspasia) and Miah Persson (Sifare) in Mozart’s “Mitridate” as staged by Günther Krämer, Salzburg 2006.]

Apparently, I’m still not over my recent Mozart seria spree (and there should be some “Tito” next, for good measure). Also, I still haven’t caught up to my oderdue paper deadlines, but at least my recent foray into a Freshman lecture series that had me writing entire scripts from one day to another seems to be slowing down, so I might actually get to update again, and get around to review the recent Vienna “Poppea” (actuals angels and Blanche Devereux, although that sounds gayer than it turned out to be).

Also awaiting an update is “Stages” (I know), as soon as I get two two most urgent papers off my desk.

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