Happy New Mezzo

tremezzino[light conditions were dreary, as was the day, but everything’s better with mezzos – program annoucement, Theater an der Wien New Year’s Eve concert, TADW/Vienna 2015]

If there’s one way to ring in the New Year in style, and in the proper sonic register, too, it’s got to be this one – not one, but three mezzos on a stage, and one of them being von Otter! No detailed news on the program yet, other than Weill, Offenbach and Strauß being involved.

So… Je suis un peu grise, possibly some Orlofsky, and Speak Low…?


11 thoughts on “Happy New Mezzo”

  1. Perhaps some “Happy End”?
    Morgen int’ressiert mich nicht
    Und mit morgen könnt ihr mich!
    would make a rousing Silvesterschwesternsalut.


    1. I haven’t heard that one since an old, old Gisela May recording – great suggestion. Especially for New Year’s resolutions!



  2. Kawalek is from the Young Artists studio indeed. She sang Annio in their YA Tito.

    I was just thinking about New Year in Wien, when the local Hungarian shop failed to show signs of poppy seed cake. Mezzos and poppy seed cake = NY in style!


  3. If ever there was such a thing as the perfect seasonal gift, this is it. Kirchsclager visited us here in Ireland about a year ago, and gave a thrilling recital (a Twitter acquaintance remarked – very fairly, that he’d heard another more highly rated mezzo give a similar programme a week previously, and Kirchschlager trashed her entirely). But also Von Otter? OMG. I have recently been relistening to Von Otter’s 1997 Ariodante, in view of some more, shall we say, “old school” interpretations lately, and really, it is one of the finest interpretations of Handel EVER.

    Anyway, much enjoying your fictional writing at present – happy Christmas to you Anik, and great to see you back blogging again.


    1. Happy Holidays to you, too, Laura – it’s always good to see your name! I’ll have to get out the von Otter Ariodante for listening tonight, it truly is amazing.


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