White Shirt Monday: Countess Chatterley’s Page

16-01-2016 23-38-05[The Lay of the Love and Death of Cherubino Cornet Rilke: Do you remember the suit-yes-shirt-no Dorabella in the existentialist Madrid “Così fan tutte”? – Now south of Madrid with lots of suit and lots of shirt: Paola Gardina as Cherubino in Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro” as staged by Elena Barbalich, Turin 2015.]

The OperaPlatform hosts a (not all that inspired) Best-Off of the 2015 Turin “Figaro” production, which, to my jaded eyes, was not all that inspired, either – but the excerpts contain “Voi che sapete” because if it is at all possible to make a Best Of when it comes to “Figaro”, it starts right there, and to my delight, the Cherubino in question turned out to be Paola Gardina.

16-01-2016 23-36-57[Paola Gardina as Cherubino in Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro”, Turin 2015]

Regrettably, there is nothing Chatterley about the production (or if there is, it did not make it into the “Best Of”), but it’s got a very Barbara-Cartland-reminagines-Chatterley vibe to it (not a good thing, but a thing). It won’t serve the scotch with it, but you may need it. It also reminded me of the only Cartland quote that I find myself returning to in amusement over the years: in an interview, she shared that her 19th century settings were owed to the fact that in preceding times, people wore wigs and wigs would make romance impossible to write.

I’d also guess that in preceding times, the concepts of romance and gender were a little different from the Cartlandian 19th century.  16-01-2016 23-35-06[I might have read more than one Cartland romance in my life if it had featured this: I could work with the wig as long as I were allowed to get rid off anything else, as well, and put a Countess on top. – Paola Gardina as Cherubino in Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro”, Turin 2015. – Also, I just tried to find the title of that one Cartland novel again and my browser history is now judging me and may be set back a few lifetimes in terms of karma.]

3 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Countess Chatterley’s Page”

    1. Perfect. Because lesbians are used to do lots of processing as a prelude to something other than running off in a huff with a gun! They might buy a cat, though.



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