Quand je vous aixmerai?


[White Shirt aesthetics: to be commended beyond mezzo range. – Sabine Devieilhe, as covered by Rondo magazine, 2/16, pp. 10-11 (online edition). – Photo Credit: Molina Visuals/Warner, via Rondo]

Rondo magazine, equipped with good ears, but also with a hefty dose of that old-boys-club kind of mucky sexism that leaves a sticky film on nearly every surface, is reviewing the new Mozart album of Sabine Devieilhe.

The part you should focus on is: Mozart album of Sabine Devieilhe.

(the part you should not focus on is the “ho-ho-ho, Mozart swear words! Connoisseurs cluck their tongue at Devieilhe in enjoyment! Look how her dating the conductor surely must have figured into this recording!”, and I am quoting this near verbatim. Pass me the scotch. No, I don’t want to drink it. I need the bottle for some knuckle-smashing.)

The concept is smart: Devieilhe is singing Mozart repertory written for the Weber sisters (one who did not want to marry him, one who did marry him, and the third one being the one who got away unscathed) which covers a lot of different genres, styles and settings, but keeps a common focus. You’ve got my attention.

Devieilhe, II:

Devieilhe, Haïm, Mingardo.

You know where you want to be this summer?

In Aix.

Particularly on July 1st, 4th, 6th, 9th, 12th and 14th.

il trionfo del contralo e della direttrice.png

A staged production of Handel’s “Trionfo” at the Théâtre de l’Archevêché, staged by  Warlikowski, so it will be high regietheater, and conducted by Haïm (who will bring Le Concert d’Astrée), so it will be very true to Baroque and very accessible.
And, dear God, the cast. Aside from the leading ladies (Mingardo! Let the swooning commence! Also, can you imagine Devieilhe going into “Un pensiero nemico di pace” with Haïm?!), Franco Fagioli and Michael Spyres don’t exactly hurt the record, either.

I am ogling flights to Marseilles as I type this. On a more realistic level (and more in concordance with my post-doc non-tenure salary), I am crossing my fingers for Arte Concert to keep us covered. Please, please, please.

15 thoughts on “Quand je vous aixmerai?”

  1. frustratingly my arctic trip is *always* exactly at the same time as Aix.. as i have been eyeing this since seeing it on SM’s plan last december!! but i think this whole show will hit the road as well.. at least i know with EM + orchestra + SM.. am not sure about the rest of the cast.. and if you do find yourself there i might be able to hook you up for staying 🙂 , as i have a place already (even 2!) but yes, very frustrating… (i mean one shouldn’t be complaining about the Arctic!)


    1. How dare the Chukchi sea interfere with Aix! Or should that be the other way around? (I shouldn’ t be laughing at this, but… truly, the indignations one has to put up with as an Early Music nut with a thing for female voices and conductors!!)
      Thank you for your offer – a couple of years ago, I would have jumped at it! (even heavily pregnant, I still would have jumped at it!) But I guess it will be ARTE this year. At least Aix is officially affiliated with both Arte/Arte Concert and with The Opera Platform, so chances are we get to see this, Arctic or not!
      (and who knows where they will tour…? I would have some suggestions!)


      1. i saw on SM’s site that they’ll tour Caen and Lille afterward (but must be the following season). But yes, you’re right, there’s ARTE! and normally there should be a radio broadcast as well! i’ll have to work my network to capture.. as i’ll be on ship with snail-speed internet (already pretty amazing if you think about it.. and yes, i’ll imagining good things while admiring the Diomedes then 😉 )


        1. at this rate, we should probably just pack up and move to France. *sigh*
          (Arte, I get without geoblocking, so anything that comes through there, I can store for you!)


      2. ship dates confirmed, just about covered exactly the whole Aix period :-). i’ll be enjoying the northern sunset and thinking about Alcina then.. and will check into ARTE stash when on land.. at least this year there will be also a good friend / post-doc who’s joining the adventure.


        1. Aix should really think a little more intesively about global warming! 😀
          but ice in the summer and a warm autumn sound like a good year!


  2. OK, it is finally here!
    For all those who’ve been waiting and reading every raving reviews in the last few days (like me):

    Handel: Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno” WebTV & Radio LIVE streaming

    06 July 2016 10PM CET

    Sabine Devieilhe (soprano) : Bellezza
    Franco Fagioli (contre-ténor) : Piacere
    Sara Mingardo (contralto) : Disinganno
    Michael Spyres (ténor) : Tempo
    Le Concert d’Astrée
    Emmanuelle Haïm, direction
    Théâtre de l’Archevêché à Aix-en-Provence – live

    WebTV: http://culturebox.francetvinfo.fr/live/musique/opera/le-triomphe-du-temps-de-haendel-a-aix-en-provence-242277

    Radio: http://www.francemusique.fr/


    1. Thank you, Lang! I have a post prepared for tomorrow, too. We won’t manage the liveblogging until late July, since thadieu, Agathe and I are on the road due to vacations/research, but we will hold an event to celebrate this cast and this orchestra and this conductor!


        1. Fantastic! I hope will find an agreeable time slot. Let’s hope you won’t spontaneously combust with Devieilhity tomorrow! 😉



  3. I will take care of myself 😉
    Devieility will pause for a while: Just got the news that “Sabine Devieilhe cancelled all shows until January 2017, because of a “happy event””, so it is official now, I WAS suspecting she’s pregnant, judging from the stage shots.
    Didn’t see that coming in early May when I saw her though…


    1. …as long as she is singing tonight! 🙂

      Good for her – not just for her personally, but also on a broader level. I’m always happy to see women with demanding careers in the “critical years” around 30 go for a family, if they feel so inclined. The system still needs to change a lot more (in the arts and elsewhere) to accomodate parents, but it will only change when the are enough parents to build up pressure on the legal structures and nix those “unacknowledged laws” of e.g. all important meetings after 5 p.m. or night-time work at the bar (in the smokers’ section, no less)…


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