An der Wien, nur Du allein…?

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[The season 16/17 reveal press conference at Theater an der Wien will start in about twenty minutes; I will update this post as the news come in.]

  • Since both Christof Loy and Lotte de Beer are listed as guests for the event, it’s pretty safe to say they will both direct again next season. Both are house regulars, Loy in particular, he was responsible for this season’s “Peter Grimes”.
  • 10.35:  up and running. This is Vienna: we are not in a hurry.
  • 10.39: the backgroud poster speaks of “Peer Gynt”, Rossini’s “Elisabetta”, “Don Giovanni”,  Salieri’s “Falstaff”, Purcell “Fairy Queen”.
  • …still with the self-celebrations (but then again, they *are* that good)
  • Season 16/17 opener: world premiere (part of a Shakespeare trilogy Hamlet – Falstaff – Macbeth): “Hamlet”
  • …then Salieri “Falstaff”, then Verdi “Macbeth”.
  • special concert with the Philharmoniker in September: HANDEL.
  • “Hamlet” cast: Marlis Petersen, Bo Skovhus, Jochen Kowalski as Ghost Dad. Staged by Loy.
  • 10.57: Salieri “Falstaff” (Oct.) conducted by Jacobs, November Verdi “Macbeth” (just name the singers, darn it!)
  • …in the Macbeth: d’Arcangelo as Banquo, Domingo as Macbeth (WT…?), staged by Geyer, conducted by de Billy.
  • 11.00: Dec: re-take of the 2006 “Don Giovanni” (Keith Warner, who will do a 4-week restaging).
  • spring 2017 (Jan.): “Fairy Queen” – staging M. Clément. (singers: Anna Prohaska, Kurt Streit, Florian Bösch)
  • 11.03: Rossini “Elisabetta”: also early 2017. Cast not yet announced (up on the website). will be linked to the 17/18 season.
  • “Peer Gynt”. staged by KONWITSCHNY. with BO SKOVHUS. And PETRINSKY!!!
  • Henze/”Elegie für junge Liebende”: with Aikin and Kirchschlager, staged by Keith Warner.
  • Fura Del Baus: Haydn “Creation”, scenically. (May 2017) – a two-night guest appearance – conducted by EQUILBEY/Insula orchestra.
  • Kammeroper projects: “Traviata” (staged by Lotte de Beer – “in a radically new musical version”), 3 more – among the Handel “Oreste”, with the studio singers.
  • 11:13: okay, website is up with the whole 16/17 season
  • so, for the REALLY interesting stuff: the concert operas
    => Haim (yes!) conducting the Wiener Philharmoniker with Handel, Lenneke Ruiten sings: il delirio amoroso (mishmash program)
    => a Prohaska solo programm titled “Dido & Cleopatra” (not gay, unfortunately)
    => Salieri “Les Horaces” with Rousset/Talens Lyriques
    => Rameau “Zoroastre” with Piau, much of cast plus orchestra director still unnamed
    => a Vivica Genaux program titled “Orpheus”
    => Pergolesi “Adriano in Siria”, with Mynenko-Fagioli-Basso.
    => Vivaldi “Judith Triumphans” with Ernman (isn’t that a little on the contralto side?), Robert King/King’s Consort
    => Hasse “Piramo e Tisbe” with Genaux, Fabio Biondi/Europe Galante.
    => Monteverdi “Ulisse” under Jacobs
    => Porpora, “Germanico in Germania”, with Cencic & Lezhneva
    => Handel “Ariodante”, Bicket/English Concert:
    ……Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-08 um 11.32.58.png

Conclusion: I am not as overwhelmded as I hoped I would be. The “Peer Gynt” will be amazing (also yay, finally something Petrinksy again!), and likely also the “Hamlet”. In concerts, I’ll books the “Ariodante”, the Vivaldi & Porpora for sure, and I would be interested in Haim with the WP, but more so if she brought Le Concert d’Astrée.

Perhaps “Adriano in Siria”, perhaps the Rossini (Spinosi conducts, Reinhardt is a catch)…?
The “Don Giovanni” sounds intriguing because of some no-chill lady casting: Marlis Petersen als Zerlina, and Jennifer Larmore als Donna Elvira (after her Ottavia this season, I have difficulty imagining it, much as I appreciate her).

Overall, though? We seriously lack mezzos in pants for 16/17. Just one little pageboy part in the “Elisabetta” on the main stage.
And in the concert performances, many countertenors. A tiny mezzo role here and here, but overall, only DiDonato as Ariodante (with Sonia Prina as Polinesso) and Genaux’s Piramo. Countess Geschwitz is not amused.

23 thoughts on “An der Wien, nur Du allein…?”

  1. a tiny bit unrelated.. re-staging of that fun fun Agrippina with Ann Hallenberg! (lose another contralto role… but luckily we retain Nerone! and now i’m eyeing this in combo with PP in Wigmore hall 18/Mar).. over same time span is A.Bonitatibus’s Cecilio in Lucio Silla at La Monnaie!


        1. seeing them right now! (so it will be a political Mitridate with a lot of EU references – much closer to that Iphigénie than to Paris)

          I think I saw a Monnaie/Silla mention at the management site? (then agian, management never really hosts calendars and des not update that often, her website is two seasons behind and Operabase barely covers the basics…)

          La Monnaie does not list her, so I guess that’s a no (too bad, though).

          the Silla will be a Kratzer staging, so it should be worth the while anyway.


          1. oh, but good to keep eyes out for! i’m also keeping ears open for SM’s “L’incoronazione di Dario” as she has it listed on her plan! somewhere in Torino i think… what remains a complete mystery so far is PP’s schedule! (and EH..) . I saw TCE’s schedule, bah.


          2. the TCE 16/17? Where? I can’t seem to access it.

            Incoronazione di Dario is definitely worth it – contralto glory. 🙂


          3. thank you! I keep getting a 503 error – perhaps the office Mac can’t deal with the program, either! 😉

            now it works – in the recital series, von Otter looks good, along with Fagioli (Rissini?!), Bartoli (Handel!), Lemieux, Jaroussky, and WHAT Dessay is SINGING again? Didn’t she switch to acting fulltime? Also Kozena, and DiDonato…

            Concert opera: “Abduction” conducted by Currentzis (Peretyatko/Breslik should make for a nice combo), “Rodelinda” with Gauvin and Lemieux as the husband, the Vivaldi “Orlando” does at least not have a countertenor in the title role, the “Ariodante” looks promising but is touring anyway, and the “Figaro” mezzo for Cherubino stems from Guildhall at least.

            Staged opera: the Bartoli “Norma” is historically informed (plus Reinhardt is good and not the usual Bellowione), the “Giovanni” counts with an interesting Donna Anna, though the staging looks like a turn-off, “Ulisee” with Haim YES, but with Kozena and Villazon in the leads?! Finally, PP as Mélisande (if Michel Fau is unavailable…).

            Nothing on a level with “Mitridate”, of course… can’t we stash all the Mitridate alumni into the same production, make it Baroque or early Mozart, and turn it into a White Shirt meet-up?

            Liked by 1 person

          4. ja, i wanted to come for CB’s Norma! but timing is bad.. and then i was hoping for somebody from our Mitridate.. and then i got deflated when Villazon came up… — but you know i saw JDD’s Ariodante being a staged one somewhere if i’m correct! then it starts touring… (but i could be wrong..)


          5. hehe, had to adjust my eyes to all the spanish.. it’s getting “late” here to digest foreign language (d*mn slides i have to make for a meeting i don’t care about, would much prefer to check out opera schedules 😀 .)
            ps- i’m very curious to hear MP live as i’ve read several reviews on the “pleasantness” of her voice when heard live.. and to my very surprise she sounds very warm on my headset but truly gives me a headache on my (i thought) good speakers.. What i do enjoy though is her phrasing! but can we wishfully hope for Marianne Crebassa (and the coat!) as her Cecilio?


          6. where do I sign for Crébassa (depending on who MP is cast as – Lucio Cinna would make sense (Cangemi did it in the 2006) – not sure she would do a Giunia, that’s more PP range)?

            I plan on some MP live “Alcina”. And I guess I’ll take it from there, depending on the outcome (Greek Soprano Syndrome strikes another victim). I have to head back to Madrid in the enxt couple of years anyway…

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          7. just a heads up that if i’m there for MP’s alcina i’ll go for 3 shows at least, must investigate thoroughly 😉

            TCE: try this one? lots of people complaining on fb also they can not see their fancy new season thing..


          8. 😀 of course, as dedicated scientists, we need to conduct comparative research. Sample size, and all that.


        2. after those pics:

          #2: wellll! (though, yes, I realize I really did love that height difference)
          #3: I cannot fathom doing two completely different productions back-to-back (especially when you’re coming off a very, very good No. 1), not as a repertory or as a traveling guest, but as a core star of a production. Must be quite the gear change.
          #9: Farnace and Marzio? Get married already!
          #15: please, God, NO.


          1. #15, i had the SAME reaction!!
            didn’t catch on the flower Marzio was carrying… but i did think about the gear change from such an involved production in Paris when seeing #4 actually , even the dynamics / energy seemed different!


          2. very different.
            And I’m looking forward to it. But I bet that after watching the new one, we’ll be digging out our Paris copies for the second half of the night.

            (same on #4!)


      1. no, sadly not the case (it would have been very odd if i miss it 😉 )
        Lucio Silla JEREMY OVENDEN
        Giunia LENNEKE RUITEN
        Cecilio ANNA BONITATIBUS
        Lucio Cinna ELEONORE MARGUERRE
        Aufidio JOHN GRAHAM-HALL


  2. The Agripina in Gent with Hallenberg looks very good, with Ana Quintans as Popea (she recently performed Pergolesi’s stabat mater together with Crebassa, it was on francemusique, absolutely wonderful!).
    Although around the same time I have also set my eye on Rodelinda in Madrid (with Lucy Crow AND Sonia Prina).
    Crebassa is also doing her Cherubino in Berlin again, with the exact same cast (and I can just drive over, so probably won’t be able to resist that)
    With regard to the la Monnaie Mitridate, I don’t want to be overly pessimistic but I think it’s very likely we will be dissappointed (these fotos look like the mood of this production is more on the dark side?) and without Petibon, sigh… Still it will be fun, to discuss with you, 29th of may wasn’t it?


    1. sometime after the 24th or 25th (it’s availabel for 3 weeks, we still need to find a date). I don’t think it will be able to live up to Paris, but I don’t want to judge unfairly. Petibon really is kind of a dealbreaker, though *sigh*
      It looks gritty and political, yes (and I predict we will watch a full second Mitridate that day, but that’s tiem well spent 😉 )


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