Minding “Mitridate”: 6 1/2 Weeks

later WSM 2

[It might not quite look like this, but hopefully it will sound a lot like this: Your weekly reminder that it’s 4 weeks until the La Monnaie “Mitridate” opens, and 6 1/2 weeks until it will be available for free streaming on demand. –  In other words, a flimsy excuse to post yet more screencaps of that other “Mitridate”. – Myrtò Papatanasiu (Sifare) in Mozart’s “Mitridate” and That Shirt, Paris 2016.]

Also, in case you’ve fallen victim to the Greek Soprano Syndrome (…Spell? …Curse? …Lifestyle? …Calling?): this “Alcina” might be worth the while.

That re-set also counts with Margarita Gritskova as Bradamante, and I dearly hope there will be some actual scenic rehearsals. I am curious to hear her again, and will reserve further judgment.

In other news, I simply needed this photo on my site today.

19 thoughts on “Minding “Mitridate”: 6 1/2 Weeks”

  1. we have to wait 2.5 weeks *after* the premiere? oh, but good news is that that’s *after* my very big meeting + sea survival training so i’d be very calm and undisturbed.. can’t wait!


    1. That’s the deal with La Monnaie: you get all their productions, free, for three weeks, but onl after each run is over. But around opening night, we should get photos and trailers, and then reviews. It sounds as if it’ll be contemporary and very political from the blurb – EU and Greece? (MP has been asked about those issues in interviews and has spoken about them, so perhaps she might get an angle of more personal involvement?)



      1. oh i’m not complaining, very grateful of their free distribution! esp they have fantastic stagings and singers.. just _a bit_ anxious 😉
        your site is testing my tab-opening limit.. currently having 9 opening and difficulty deciding which one i must(n’t) close…


  2. 9 tabs… well, 9 is a beautiful number! 😉

    Also, one should always read the French version of La Monnaie, not the abbreviated English one, as I just learned, since the “Mitridate” was originally slated to be the Carsen one (TADW 2009, premiered with MP & PP), which is not happening since it apparently did not fit onto the Monnaie stage (which might be a cover-up or not), so they made a call for produciton ideas, had 110 applicants, chose 3 to do a workshop and present their concept, and from that chose le lab (http://www.lamonnaie.be/fr/opera/578/Mitridate-Re-di-Ponto)
    So while it will not be Paris, I am intrigued.


    1. oh let me go read up.. but i remember coming across it last night (shared staging with TADW) while searching for more PP’s Aspasia (btw, you have some of the finest search image collection on that subject 😉 ).
      (and after scanning Rigoletto with PP, i now have my search radar for PP’s Iphigénie, i hope you checked out the boots and tanktop on that one, it’s on tube also from TADW–of course when we <– I don't know the music yet we need to go w/ visual aide first)


      1. ps- after all that search, they could also check in w/ the Paris production! but to “le lab” we go (in May)
        ps2- it’s MP’s Iphigénie, in fine tanktop + boots (not PP) .. i now have that role confused w/ the other Iphigénie that ACA / C.Bartoli sang both last year..


        1. there is an endless slope of Iphigenias out the– …

          WAIT A MINUTE.
          Did you just say MP in tanktop and boots?
          (Lord have mercy, there goes my productive lunch break)


            1. oh, thank you!
              (also, someone please pass me the smelling salts)

              (we should pin that second one next to our pull-up bars. That on one side, Ernman (who can probably do them one-handed) on the other)


      2. Gluck, Iphigénie en Aulide (2012, they did a double of the two Gluck Iphigénies in 2014) –
        With their website relaunch last week, TADW nixed almost ALL their old links. Now everything fwds. to theri new title page, with no chance to access the archives, and there is no search function.
        NOT. AMUSED.
        …looks like an intriguing production with lots of politics, too. Could we have that back and shuck the double Macbeth they’re throwing at us next season? (More Baroque! More tanktops!!)

        Liked by 1 person

          1. You are so good for my mood, and so bad for my morals
            Thank you again! 🙂

            (at this rate, I am foreseeing MP Mondays and PP Weekends, in some variation or other)


        1. ok, i leave you to enjoy lunch to tanktop (those boots are also really fine!) . I sent another reply with link to 8min clip (which even though i tried not to make a link it’s still is, so now also in your spam box, sorry for all the links, but i was really digging last night 😉 )


          1. no need to apologize for that, ever.
            (I will need to contemplate those boots some more, while I side-eye TADW for next season’s program and casting choices.)


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