White Shirt Monday: Denokie


[Three things you can count on in an old-school “Rosenkavalier”: a) the bed to the right (so you can book your tickets blindly) b) an Evening Couture nightgown on Marie-Theres’ c) Octavian will wake up wearing a white shirt. – Stephanie Houtzeel (Octavian) and Angela Denoke (Marschallin) in Otto Schenk’s as-old-as-time staging of  Strauss’ “Rosenkavalier”, Vienna/Staatsoper 2013. – Photo Credit: Michael Pöhn for the Wiener Staatsoper]

But even if directors are on an alfred-roll-er from the drapes to the hair extensions, there are some singers who can get almost any setting to work. (This particular battle horse (Schenkhilda?) will be back on stage in early June, though it will include not Denoke, but Röschmann to which I can only say, “Both. Both are good.”).

[On both Denoke and Röschmann in another setting, some thoughts forthcoming later today. White Shirts first. It is Monday, after all.]

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