Apartment In Rome

[How about we have this not end like Thelma & Louise lesbian driving, but by making out in an elevator? – Margherita Buy (Federica) and Sabrina Ferilli (Marina) in Maria Sole Tognazzi’s Io e lei.]

I already posted my review and thoughts on this movie elsewhere, so this post is just a pointless series of screencaps featuring fictional middle-aged Italian lesbians. Because they speak to me, all script flaws accounted for, much more than e.g. the nubile youngsters of that other A Living Space in Rome spectacle (I am getting older. It feels pretty good).

io e lei 1.png

Never too old for TV (Netflix?) dinners. Also: at a point where one can afford a comfortable couch. And the good wine, and to not listen to any weight worries when it comes to pasta.


Things that should definitely happen in lesbian beds: Katharine-Hepburn-inspired pajama tops (that, and bare legs). Nerd glasses. The morning paper. Breakfast with croissants. Shared laughter.

io e lei 3.png

Stereotypical beach walk montages. They’re for queers, too! (also a chance to wear more leather. Sea breeze and all.)

io e lei 7.png

Falling asleep while driving: please not another reason to add to this season’s endless lesbian death toll.

io e lei 8.png

The Holy Trinity of Female QueerWear is ageless: White Shirts…

io e lei 9.png

…Nerdsbian Glasses…

io e lei 10.png

…and Tank Tops.

io e lei 11.png

Also very lesbian: Opening an organic food business. With your ex. To then process your current relationship troubles with her.

io e lei 12.png

…very lesbian: processing.

io e lei 13.png

…even more lesbian: horizontal processing.

io e lei 14

Lesbian stand-off: Sports Coat vs. Leather Jacket (Win/Win)

io e lei 15

Also known to have happened among lesbians before: Obsessing over your ex and ringing on her doorbell in the middle of the night.

io e lei 16

…followed by soulful staring up at unlit windows. It is the East! (sonnet writing/social media unfriending optional)

io e lei 17

Important factor in lesbian break-ups: Visitation Rights with The Cat.

io e lei 18

Processing and Making Up: sometimes they are the same thing.

io e lei 20

And another timeless lesbian trope: Making Up/Out in Elevators.

io e lei 23


io e lei 22

The (happy) end.
(Look, no one dies! No one is permanently miserable!)

(the two scenarios that interest me after this are “How will their relationship change/not change under the premise of being more out?” and, even more than that, “How did these two actually meet and get together?” (I kind of see Marina’s company catering an event at the architectural office of an already divorced Federica. Flirting ensues. – Darn, now I want the prequel to this.)

(the DVD/BR is available and does come with French and English subtitles and the usual, if modest, package of backstage material and deleted scenes)

7 thoughts on “Apartment In Rome”

  1. Great post! Also thanks for the DVD/BR link, though I used to learn some Italian it would be much better to watch the film with EN/FR subtitles.


    1. that shouldn’t be such a selling point (but this season, it really is all it takes. I am so tired of the “killing off minorities” plot devices.)


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