White Shirt Monday: Wheat Shirts?

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-22 um 10.57.51.png

[It’s springtime, and White Shirts in boots should can be seen in the fields again, usually accompanied by a soprano. In this case, Olivia Vermeulen (Turno) and Robin Johannsen (Giuturna), seen rehearsing for this past Saturday’s premiere at Staatsoper UdL/Schillertheater in Berlin, in Agostino Steffani’s newly undusted “Amor vien dal destino”, as staged by Ingo Kerkhof, Berlin/Staatsoper 2016. – Photo Credit: Thomas M. Jauk]

If you are in Berlin: the René Jacobs-conducted production is still running this week, on April 27th and 30th, and then the following week on May 4th and 7th. A rare chance to hear this music live (it apparently hasn’t been staged for the past 300 years? Though there is mention of a New York concert performance in 1982), plus Ingo Kerkhof gets a notion on my part as he was responsible for the Hannover “Figaro” which led to this special White Shirt post a while back.

Check their backstage blog post for some mezzo fencing, and some more wig-and-make up-free snapshot impressions from the rehearsal process.

Since this is such a rare piece, I suspect there to be at least a radio broadcast, I could not find data on a video streaming. But perhaps ARTE will offer up a pleasant surprise?

Also, the Berlin Staatsoper’s choice of of photo for advertising the next season is this:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-22 um 11.12.36.png

It would work on me. In fact, let me see if there is any coinciding conferencing happening in Berlin next season. I have some outstanding Wagner appointments with the Deutsche Oper anyway.

7 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Wheat Shirts?”

  1. “Amor vien dal destino” or “Lost in the Wheatfield” (that’s some crop they’re having!). That shot is ripe for captions. Let me attempt a couple:

    Turno: should I kiss her or keep pretending I know how to get out of this field?
    Giuturna: why won’t he kiss me already?

    Giuturna: when we arrived here the wheat was green and barely off the ground. Why do I always fall for the shy types?
    Turno: maybe I should kiss her. Then again, maybe not.


    1. …I’m pretty sure that’s how it went.

      The wheat – yes, but it was the only shot without the white facepaint (I am so over white facepaint. Or – given tonight – over dark bodypaint)


      1. I love white facepaint, it’s a staple of black metal 😀 (cheese +++). They could graduate to spikey arm guards and maces.

        is dark body paint a new (ironic?) version of blackface or something else altogether?


        1. Ironic, don’t I wish!
          I think it was supposed to criticize blackface, but it was not as socially conscious as it wanted itself to be.


            1. the Aix Così we just liveblogged. Death Metal may be a field of daisies in comparison (or at least less problematic).


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