Il viaggio alla palestra

if that is not ernman it should be.png

[If your first thought, other than “hnnng!”, isn’t a certain Swedish mezzo-soprano, I am not sure we can be gym buddies. – General body careening of Bruegelian proportions in Christoph Marthaler’s staging of Rossini’s “Il viaggio a Reims”,  Zurich 2015.]

“Il viaggio a Reims” counts with a numerous cast. Still, in watching the trailer, this was where I froze the frame and squinted and said “…Ernman?”

I checked the cast listing three times, she is not on it. *sigh* (there are dancers slated, the shoulder might belong to one of them? Could there possibly be another singer this trained out there?).

Shoulders notwithstanding (or perhaps, yes, withstanding – since they carry the hit-and-miss slapstick quite a bit), Reims and Marthaler look like a match made in heaven (sadly, no bootlegged ARTE airing I could find):

10 thoughts on “Il viaggio alla palestra

    1. unsurprisingly… 😉

      the hair length doesn’t quite match, but there was more than one petite brunette in the Marthaler trailer.


  1. on a related note, I would like to retract my previous statement of a few weeks ago that attributed Papatanasiu’s deltoids to Pilates. I’m raising the bar to pull-up after having been presented with further evidence. Sweet Mary mother of God!!

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  2. my first thought, along with the green things floating in foreground + blond, was indeed of a certain soprano (b/c ME’s arm would be much more defined with stronger lines + shoulders. speaking of her, i accidentally stumbled on one of her very recent pix for some reason, hanging out with C.Bartoli on a tiny scooter(?), waaaay cute!)


    1. what’s better than one mezzo on a scooter? – Two of them, obviously! (there really should be more Ernman on the streaming circuit. I’m rewatching the (also very, very cute) Cenerentola on the side)


  3. A mixture of underhand rows and overhead shoulder presses would generate shoulders of that quality, should they be required. Indeed, the actress doses possess an uncanny resemblance to Ernmann.

    Yes it is a shame there is not more Ernmann in the streaming world’s, but there is always hope.


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