White Shirt Monday: ‘Tis Tank Top Season


[Shoulders. That’s all. (God, I miss Malena Ernman on my opera schedule) Sometimes, it does not even take a shirt to make a White Shirt (or an opera episode of the L Word, which would at least mean a better title song)! – Rachel Frenkel (Cherubino) and Hélène Guilmette (Susanna) in Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro”, Montpellier 2012. – with thanks to Agathe for pointing this one out to me!]

Other than an episode of the L Word, this could also be “Pitch Perfect 3” (or are we on “Pitch Perfect 4” by now?).

It could also be “Silk Stockings”, although that is not that far off the original costume designs – heels and silk tights were definitely part of the page deal (that Figaro later mocks in “Non più andrai”), though perhaps not the tank top, even though I will not protest that bit of actualization. (Also, that side part is spot on.)

Here is the whole “Non so più” to brighten up your Monday:

5 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: ‘Tis Tank Top Season”

  1. after hearing your comment about “negative acting”, Dehggi (mostly) and I were curious so we sat through all *4* singers in the upcoming Alcina (yes, i made her sit through the shirt aria naturally)… and then we got to the Carmen_Tancredi and my jaw dropped on the ground somewhere in horror… especially after i misread that she would be Ruggiero.. then we got to the clip on this post and decisively agreed this is muuuuch better than Carmen_Tancredi and what a pity she’d be singing Bradamante.. anyhow, you can imagine my excitement and relief when realized my mistake and indeed Rachel Frankel will Ruggiero… whew. i still haunted by the Carmen’s walk to even see shoulders.. (we also sampled Chen Reiss (who i have heard on net singing Papagena) and agreed she will (might) be great as Morgana).


    1. poor Dehggi, having to suffer through the Shirt Aria! 😀
      Oh, you would have passed out in the recent Vienna Tito showing, and not with delight. (obviously, also this autumn, Ruggiero should stay with Alcina). But I am still laughing at Carmen_Tancredi. Perfect designation. ( though it is sad, really. – my secret suspision is that the Staatsoper wants a pretty, young cast of good – though not too good – voices that will never upstage the stars that travel through)
      I’m looking forward to the Ruggiero with tentative excitement. Lots of positive comments in the foyers on Reiss, btw.
      Though if you think about how Bradamante is actually the hotshot warrior with the biggest energy and impressive anger issues… that should be …”interesting”?


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