“Diletta Aspasia”: a P.S.


[Lenneke Ruiten as Aspasia in Mozart’s “Mitridate”, Brussels 2016. – On some other pertaining projects: after the cut.]

First of all, Thank God, a well-designed singer website with a current and detailed calendar (she also has a Facebook presence, if you’re into FB).

So, Giunia in “Silla” at La Monnaie (it’s the early Mozart seria renaissance of my dreams! Petibon at TADW, it seems, and now Monnaie is putting it on, too!) – and you all know what that means: free streaming. Which means another stream-blogging event, too, because they are doing it with two trouser roles: Bonitatibus as Cecilio and Eleonore Marguerre as Cinna, and is it March 2017 yet? Is it? Is it?

Also, I may have to line up for the “Haïm conducting the Vienna Philharmonic” extravaganza in September after all, as set up by Theater an der Wien, since Ruiten is singing and I am damn curious to hear just how she sounds with Haïm (they’ve worked together before).

haim delirio amoroso.png

Also, is Aix continuing to look like the place to be this summer, and to not just use as fiction setting (I promise I will get back to “Stages” as soon as teaching for this semester is over and I have the last three overdue papers off my desk), because if I look past the swoontastic line-up for the “Trionfo“,  I’d stay right on for “Così” because daaaaamn:

aixceptional summer.png

(@Lang: no, I won’t be there, either! 😉 I’ll be in the mountainside trying to remember what it is to take a vacation, but of course I’ll keep an eye on ARTE and related channels. Now with one more reason in mind!)

10 thoughts on ““Diletta Aspasia”: a P.S.”

    1. I know, PIAU!! Aix is turning into a lavender menace for my time management.

      ARTE always broadcast at least something in the past years and given that Aix is an officially affiliated partner, there should be something, at least. Fingers crossed!



        1. If it is on ARTE, I’d be happy to do so! (I’ll be with very spotty internet between Jul 8th and 22nd, though, so it would have to be before or afterwards)



            1. Sandcastles! 😉
              (in my case, it’ll be “don’t climb up that rock quite so high and don’t turn the next corner where I cannot see you!”)


    1. …it seems we synchronized our off-times without even trying to? Great!

      (now only ARTE has to follow through on their side of the deal)


    2. Petibon might pass up on Aix this summer since she’s opening with “Manon” in Geneve in September? (directed by Py) She’s slated for the Edinbourgh Music Festival in late August with a recital, and she has another recital with Py at the Monnaie next season (not sure about the dates).

      Her “official” website is merely a marketing vehicle of her recording company, and it seems they’re only interested in taking care of it when she’s releasing a new album (it’s an odd combination either way, since her programs are smarter and more niche than that label’s overall approach)? Not really any current calendar I would be aware of (but as you all know, I neither do much with FB, nor am I on Twitter, so I may simply have missed it).

      You may have to post a few more of those tango clips to tide us over, thadieu!

      (on a side note, I cannot BELIEVE that there is a production of “Manon” coming up I would willingly watch.)

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