…still typing. (Lungi da posting)


[Adjust your ties: post upcoming tomorrow. – Yves Saelens (Arbate), Myrtò Papatanasiu (Sifare), Mozart’s “Mitridate”, Brussels 2016.]

In more pertinent news, the “Mitridate” videostream is now (up until June 13th) and running at the La Monnaie website – it’s a cleaned-up video with the intermissions cut and clocks in just over 3GB (yellow (!) subtitles encrusted in either Dutch or French).

I’m still working on that long-a** “Lungi” post while I am having coffee in between meetings, but I hope to have it up by tomorrow night because then I will be out on a conference until the end of the week. (I have another meeting this afternoon. This bodes well for the continued writing of other things.)

As in other Brussels related posts here, I think I have now (been) signed up for “The Coloraturian Candidate” on Arbate’s secret summit files, and a belcanto retake on “Casablanca” featuring Sifare’s Coloratura Joint.
Well, I need something to keep myself entertained while I try not to meet my next project deadline! I just don’t know how quickly I will get to all of it.

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