Poison Me With Mezzos: Brangäne’s weekend plans

[friendly reminder that I have absolutely zero chill about seeing this show over the weekend. – Review (which in this case will likely amount to extensive fangirling) forthcoming next week! – Trailer for “Isoldes Abendbrot” at Theater Basel, staged by Christoph Marthaler, starring Anne Sofie von Otter. – Basel 2015]

Today, I stumbled into a lucky theatre colleague who has actually seen the dress rehearsal of the show last night (everyone is present and accounted for!) and reports that the evening is very, very funny and “oh, and the singer is very good, too.”

You don’t say, dear.

So I’ll iron my best frumpy Brangäne galas, have a shot of something Irish beforehand, and will accept each and all mezzo poison doled out at this Marthaler dinner by one Anne Sofie von Otter and colleagues and did I mention already that I cannot wait to see this?!


7 thoughts on “Poison Me With Mezzos: Brangäne’s weekend plans”

  1. 0 kelvin! “Another way to look at these negative temperatures is to consider them hotter than infinity . . .” — a theoretically impossible excited state. Already you are the wonder of many.


    1. …now I really need to reconsider the state of zero Kelvin. There is something about singers right there!



    1. That’s pretty much Marthaler, in a nutshell. And reviews state that she actually sings Deshabillez-moi while wearing that dress (I’d just want her to go on singing). Will take along my notebook, and probably forget to open it.



        1. Just coming out of the Concert Hall – when she came out in that dress and started singing, one man actually said “WOW” (he wasn’t wrong)



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