White Shirt Monday: Top Coat


[In case you were wondering where the Mitridate coat from Paris went: apparently straight to Valhalla. – Catherine Foster (Brünnhilde) and Alan Held (Wotan) in Wagner’s “Die Walküre”, Washington 2016. – Photo Credit: Scott Suchman for WNO]

Anyone looking forward to female javelin-throwing at the Rio Olympics…? Too bad the sports event will be missing the boots and the coat, which really looks as if someone has has raided the wardrobe of Michael Spyres’ Mitridate for the 2016 Paris production of Mozart’s “Mitridate” and absconded with the coat (I know Zambello’s “Ring” opened first, but I am more committed to Caroline de Vivaise, so there). If that someone absconded with The Shirt as well: we may need to have a word.

Still, lead sopranos in pants: this should be an overall trend, hashtag #ohhöchsteswunder. And the boots. Boots are good, too!

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