From The Writing Desk: On the state of “Stages”

[an opera novella]

Just a brief note on “Stages” – I know it’s been months since the last chapter came out, and I apologize for the break in posting.

This is a lifesign directed at all those recented repeated hits on Ch. 15: I haven’t abandoned the story, nor have I any intention of doing so. Teaching and papers simply have been crazy this spring and I won’t get to  do any leisure writing time beyond blogging (which takes far less time) until the semester closes out in early July. But then it’s back to fiction for me, and I am looking forward to it immensely.

And while I can’t guarantee that Chapter 16 will still be out to coincide with this year’s Aix festival, at least it shouldn’t be far behind (until then, the first 15 chapters, of approx. 30, are available through here).

10 thoughts on “From The Writing Desk: On the state of “Stages””

  1. well, you know, you left them in bed, which is where they’ve been in my mind since then. So you know. All good. (Also, thanks for the excuse to read that chapter again, just to be sure. 🙂 )

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  2. Cool. I’m curious where you’re taking these two (other productions perhaps?). I hope none meets with an untimely end, you have some serious tearjerkers here (the story with the nun and the knight made me shake with tears, I kid you not! I’m soft like that 😉 ).


    1. Yes, more productions. 🙂 And no untimely deaths in this one! I promised. (The one with the nun is among my worst, I admit that. I don’t know why that pairing inspires such drama!) Still plenty of other things to swear at me about, I’m sure, but no tragic deaths. Just life on the circuit, which is enough of a challenge.


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    1. still on page 1 of ch- 16 – alas. Summer weekends at the pool are not really conducive to writing. Though one chapter should be out before classes start again (if for no other reason, then because I will have an increasing need to procrastinate on that front)

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