…weil’s gar so schön ist.

Because why let Monday possibly have been the last time when there still is tonight?

Lots of sensible shoes in the standing room queue for another “Rosenkavalier”… (opera dyke level: advanced)

11 thoughts on “…weil’s gar so schön ist.

        1. Haha, when that’s the point where you can still bring your foldable chair…! At times, with the swooning, it is a challenge to keep oneself upright. But 4€ for a 4-hour slice of heaven with a front-row view? I’d likely stand on my head for that.


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    1. If you lived right next to the opera, you could – you have about 45 minutes between claiming your spot and the show.

      But usually, it’s “come as you wait”. The pros being folding chairs and come nicely dressed (thin dresses, shirt with a sports coat), but no galas. And most everyone always comes with sensible shoes. I saw one pair of modest heels last night, and MANY sneakers.

      It’s a blend of locals/students, who know to dress comfortably, yet still acceptable (and also: in nothing too warm because it gets really hot in the standing room area, and there is little space – true galas probably would not even fit), and tourists who often drop in spontaneously in “city discovery gear”: last night, there were t-shirts and trekking sandals and even a pair of bare feet in platform flipflops, and nobody batted an eye.


    1. a very valid question.

      I had to think of you last night, you would have had so much material for your Marschallin Mondays.


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