Meanwhile, on the “Mitridate” front…


[Also, while trying not to lose my mind over the next conference paper and the next stack of student exams, I’m having some fun with this (still in the works!) on the side (with apologies to Yves Saelens’ Arbate, who has been co-opted into Bond here)]

Originally, I had planned to finish this little 007 tribute this week, but that won’t be manageable – but, as you can see, it is in the works and I hope to finish it at some point still in June (when it’s up, I probably won’t tag it much – but you all know that it will basically be countless screencaps of a certain Monnaie show. With priorities).

Things I realized while sorting through an undisclosed amount of snappy screencaps: playing around with the Brussels show is fun (and yes, I still have “Casablanca” on my list as “Sifare’s Belcanto Joint”…) and because it relies more on contemporary visuals and less on character journeys, it lends itself easily to a campy rewrite.

I don’t think I could do the same thing with the Paris “Mitridate”: that production is so seamless that I don’t manage to establish that meta level of fun-poking commentary, or don’t really feel challenged to do that – its energy is of such an earnestness that I don’t really want to touch upon it. Brussels pokes plenty of fun at its characters. That lowers the level of engagement at stake (re: our discussion of the duet), but it makes for great Bond material. Prepare for Ismene Moneypenny & Co.!


2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, on the “Mitridate” front…”

  1. phew, i’m relieved this is only an announcement.. because i was seriously worried about my productivity level in the next hour prior to bedtime… ok, better head back to my Mingardo + debugging, though eavesdropping on Elettra..


    1. hope you enjoyed the Harding “Idomeneo” and managed to get some debugging done meanwhile!
      And, yes, sadly this is still not finished – I would have liked to have it out while La Monnaie still has the opera on demand, to give them some more traffic, but it’s late semester chaos over here.


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