White Shirt Monday: Top Me Off


“So… I get the top hats, I get the top notes, I get the girl. – What am I to do, I can’t help it!” – Joyce DiDonato as Lacroix Romeo in Bellini’s “I Capuleti e i Montecchi”, and who would mind being treated with those vocal kid gloves, if even Marlene couldn’t help it? – San Francisco, 2012.]

It’s not just that DiDonato has sung various Romeos – and hopefully will keep singing them for another couple of years – but in this production, she has even starred in different runs in different cities. While the Lacroix Boussard only just finished up in Barcelona (with Patrizia Ciofi as Giulietta)*, the 2012 take in San Francisco has been committed to DVD, though I don’t think that’ll help to much with summer temperatures.

(I blame the post on this (2:40), which always makes me feel better. And apropos, I could use a chilled drink, too – office temperatures are in the 90s.)

*) – once more, (top) hat tip to Annio.

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