Video Alert: “Così fan tutte” live from Aix

così aix.png

 [“Sister, sister, oh, my sister” or a clear case of “Prenderò quel brunettina”? – Kate Lindsey (Dorabella) and Lenneke Ruiten (Fiordiligi) in Christophe Honoré’s staging of Mozart’s “Così fan tutte”, Aix 2016]

Friendly reminder that tonight, July 8th, at 9.45 p.m. (UTC+2) ARTE livestreams the new Aix “Così” with Lenneke Ruiten as Fiordiligi (I almost typed ‘Aspasia’), Kate Lindsey as Dorabella and Sandrine Piau (!!!) as Despina. – I am here for all the ladies!

In the men’s department: Rod Gilfry as Don Alfonso (did Rodney turn Rod when Boje turned Bo? -asking for a friend), Joel Prieto Prieto as Ferrando and Nahuel di Pierro as Guglielmo. (okay, I am also there for the guys. but even more for the ladies. All the ladies!)

The Northern African contemporary setting looks as if it could offer a deconstruction of the cutesy illustrative oriental stereotype, and look into the ties of tourism, appropriation and economy as they connect with projections of romance and sexuality – hopefully without caving into unreflected racist othering.
EyeBags will hold a liveblog event for this production, too, though not tonight, but towards the end of July (I am traveling at the moment and cannot host).

13 thoughts on “Video Alert: “Così fan tutte” live from Aix”

    1. Some dueting that would not pass the Bechdel test – plus the characters are sisters. But Mozart is beauty beyond categories. 🙂 Also, I once saw a production where one of the sisters ended up with the chambermaid in the end, so…



    1. I got it fine – but Arte does geoblock at times. But no worries – it’s up on YT with the usual wonderful suspect (to whom we don’t link any longer for fear of disappearance). I’ll shoot you an email with the link from the office later, ok? (We’ll likely also set ip a liveblog event, Agathe mentioned it back in June – in case you’d like to join for some Ruiten fangirling)


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        1. Don’t we wish PP was in just about anything (bonus if with certain colleagues)… Oh, did you see FF’s link go the Py staging of Poulenc’s “Carmelites” with PP? (And Piau, and lots of other good ones) Got it downloaded and in my waiting queue.



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