Out of Words

Has the world gone entirely mad?

Actually, I wanted to post the next Giacomo Arbate installment tonight.

I won’t.

On vacation, in a very remote location, I only go online for brief minutes at night. And it is not good when I open FB and find myself blinking at the screen, waiting for someone to remove what has to be a glitch in the system.

How dead do you have to be on the inside – and what has killed, bit by bit, the humanity inside of you – to mow down families with a truck?

84 dead in Nice.

I head over to the news portal, and that is not the first headline. The first headline is the Turkish military staging a putsch as I type these lines.

Has everything gone stark raving mad?

Stop this train. We want to get off.

7 thoughts on “Out of Words”

  1. I an so very sorry. This is a day for grieving and feeling solidarity with some of our fellow human beings. My heart goes out to the people of Nice. No, the world has not gone mad. Most of us are sane and humane – I know I am and I know you are. However, many of us, given the choice between unpleasant facts and PC generalizations, tend to choose the latter. We tend to think in non-analytical terms and disembodied abstractions such as ‘madness’ and ‘violence’ and ‘terrorism’ although as long as we do, ‘madness’ and ‘violence’ and ‘terrorism’ will persist. In the meantime we have to find a way to take refuge from our pain. Music always helps. I am going to listen to the Brandenburg concerto #5 in D major.
    But if you think this train can be stopped I would like to know how you think it can be done.

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    1. I wish I knew a solution, inkbrain (but if there were an easy one, people far more apt thatn I would have found it already). At times, I am not so sure when it comes to my own sanity.

      But a small way of actively promoting change lies, I find, within your reminder that in the end, actions are tied to people. I remember you pointing it out also when talking about Orlando; I think I am now getting a better grap on what you were getting at – the depersonalising happenings and events (and forgetting that many of the most horrible are deliberate actions) preventing people-based changes?
      For me it comes back to integrity and kindness, and trying to believe that sowing those will lead to more. The 5th Brandenburg (with the 1st movement cembalo cadenza!) may still be too bright for me today, I stuck with Lecons de Ténèbres, but will post more silly Bond before nightfall. Music and laughter!


      1. I needed something to shift me out of my feeling of deep malaise and nausea which is why I chose the # 5, and it did give me a small nudge and made me think of triumph over the results of evil acts and evil people. I disagree that there are more ‘apt’ people than you. No one who is deeply immersed in music and opera can escape the tendency to analyse to the last angstrom and come up with some very good answers. I find that when I’m in shock I need a refuge from words and thoughts, but after I have found some quiet and some music my thoughts tend to organize themselves a little better. We need a much deeper understanding of who does this things and why, and not shy away from the facts. Fear for the fate of Western Europe has been lurking under my anxiety. That is what makes me feel the worst. And oh those people…. I feel for them. Kindness yes. Without it we are not human.


        1. yes, apropos Western Europe and kindness, or lack thereof, in treating refuges – what will this breed, from the neo-fascist agitators to the microaggressions of the ignorant? This will widen gaps, not close them (would I want to integrate myself into a foreign culture that treats me like a lesser being? I would remain at a distance at best)


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