Giacomo Arbate: The Hunt for Legato Game (pt. 2)


…the name’s Arbate. Giacomo Arbate.

[For everyone in need of some silly fun: Bond references meet the Brussels “Mitridate”. Proceed at your own risk. – This is pt. 2 of 3, the first installment can be found here]

Since I do not want to tag the individual images (this is not really a post related to opera critique), here’s the overall cast list, and if you ended up here because you were looking for actual information on the 2016 “Mitridate” production at La Monnaie in Brussels staged by le lab, feel free to check out the liveblog and the aftershow review thread (for more screencap fun, see Aspasia’s Diary).

Giacomo Arbate – The Hunt for Legato Game, pt. 2

[based on screencaps of the 2016 Brussels “Mitridate”, featuring Michael Spyres (Mitridate), Lenneke Ruiten (Aspasia), Myrtò Papatanasiu (Sifare), Simona Šaturová (Ismene), David Hansen (Farnace), Sergey Romanovsky (Marzio) and – in the role of Bond – Yves Saelens (Arbate)]


The name’s Arbate. Giacomo Arbate.

I’m a tenor super agent with LM6 on a top secret mission: the hunt for Legato Game, a mysterious villain who has captured the attention of Princess Aspasia and is torpedoing the Pontus economy failsafe plan, From Greece With Love.

Bond2_01 themed wedding.png

Mission Notes – For whom the wedding bell tolls:

“Fine. I reconsidered the whole mariachi theme. I have the solution now. Hawaii Elvis!  Honolulu Baby down the aisle, a big luau with everyone in miniskirts, and there are volcanos, too! Brilliant, right?”


Bond2_02 but she doesnt even like.png

“Aspasia doesn’t even like Elvis!”

“You’re missing the big picture, Sifare. I mean, volcanos!”


Mission Notes:
Surveillance interrupted. Asset A. approaching —

“Why do birds suddenly appear…?”

(This is Bond, not Hitchcock. Abort! Abort!)
(A. apparently ensnared by a spy who loved her. Must counteract!)

Bond2_04 family ties.png

“I’ve called this family meeting to inform you that there will be a big wedding luau. Please adjust your shirts accordingly and bring your best Elvis game.”

(Farnace complains about floral prints. Sifare is asking me about my stance on miniskirts. Insolent twit.)

(PS. M also has decided to acquire a pet cat.)
(Farnace complains about allergies. Sifare insists on adopting a stray.)
(I may need a very dry Martini after this meeting.)

Bond2_05 any news.png

“An Elvis luau? Isn’t that double the appropriation?! This will be hell in the press…”

“To be fair, Moneypenny, you did allow Johnson to become Minister of Foreign Affairs.”

“Not my union any longer, not my problem any longer. – But we need to stop M, or he’ll be next. Any news on Legato Game?”

“Not yet.”

“We have to bring in M.”

“Do you think that’s wise, Moneypenny?”

“Better M throwing a tantrum than all of us in a lei and not much else.”

“…I see your point.”


“Terribly sorry to inform you, Sir, but License To Trill may have changed her opinion and decided to call off the wedding…”

Bond2_07 luau.png

“Nonsense. You just want to sabotage my Elvis luau!”


“As your best man, I have to agree with Arbate. You go through with the Elvis plans, and people will start asking when you will dye your hair blond and run for the fringe conservatives on a smear campaign.”

Bond2_07b1 spoilsport.png


Bond2_09 bachelor contest.png

“What’s the matter with you, General Grubozagirlschikov? What’s so bad about a lei?”

“Really? That’s the extent of your puns? Well, Vanillio Largho, you’ll sing another tune once I enter your precious bachelor contest and beat you at your own game.”

Bond2_10 we'll see who wins that contest.png

“You? Brussels’ most eligible bachelor?! Ha!”

“I’m single. I’m qualified to run, Goldsinger.”

“Oh yeah? We’ll see how far you get, Doremifa Klebb!”

Bond2_11 in search of a martini.png

Mission Notes:
(short interruption. I need a rather stiff drink.)
(And then I need to find Sifare and remind them that they are supposed to make some Goldeneyes at Aspasia to lure out the nefarious Legato Game. Farnace is too busy exchanging innuendos with Moneypenny. I feel a headache coming on.)

Bond2_12 another protest.png

Mission Notes:
(of course Sifare is at another animal rights protest.)

“What’s it this time, Sifare? Octopussies in the Aegean? Breeding conditions for stray white Persian cats?”

Bond11_13 for queen and country.png

“Don’t forget you’re On Her Majesty’s Secret Service until we uncover Legato Game and his machinations. Your brother  — nevermind your brother. The fauna can wait. For queen and country!”


(Sifare did not reply as much as guffaw, but I think they got the message. Surveillance continues.)

Bond2_14 sharks with lasrer beams 3.png

“I’m thinking ninja ladybugs! With supermagnetic dots! – An attack on HQ through the airshafts… hmm…!”


“So, Cadenza Goodnight… Did you already vote for me as Brussels’ most eligible bachelor? You only vote twice! (unless it’s a referendum) – But of course we can also forget about all that and go for a midnight dive around your remote islands. I’m sure you’d look great in a strap-on knife, Honey.”


“Hold your horses right there, Beaufeld. That is no way to treat a lady!”

could you be a little more obvious.png

“Oh pull-lease, Sifare. Could you be a little less obvious about your crush on Kissy Sirtaki there?”

Bond2_18 fight.png

“You take that back! No insults to my, eh, our queen!!”

Bond2_17 laser glare

“Chill, Passaggi Galore.”

pondering arbate.png

Mission Notes:
(I need another Martini. With two olives, to stuff into my ears.)


“Since none of you liked the Elvis idea, but mostly because I look horrible in blond, I came up with a new plan. We’ll tie the knot at sea! With a pirate theme! Arrr, matey, cuba libre until dawn! It’s not quite volcanos, but at least there will be cannons! – How fetching do you think I’ll look in an eyepatch? Left or right?”

“…please tell me I’m adopted.”

still dont get why you didnt like the luau why did I ever agree.png

“…though I still do not understand what you all had against the luau.”

(Alert! Aspasia seems to ask herself why she ever agreed to marry into this family in the first place!)


“We’ll have a perfect wedding, won’t we? Pirates of the Euxine! Ha, let Jaws chew on that! – We could even incude that little yachting fanasy that we thought up over maraschino cherries where I get to kidnap you and…”

“In my defense: I was drunk and have no memory of that.”

Bond2_20 we will have the perfect wedding.png

“I’m sure you will remember it eventually. And you’ll look terrific as Aspasia Bonny. Why don’t you take Sifare there along to shop for a dress, while I orchestrate the press release and charter a yacht.”

dress fittings.png

Mission Notes:
Oh great, seasickness again. (Must ask for a raise)
And now dress shopping. Oh dear. I hope Sifare will be a good sport about that part, too.
(also, if I never hear about maraschino cherries again, it will still be too soon)

a dress fittings 2.png

Mission Notes – Surveillance Protocol:
Sub-Operation Bridezilla: Diamonds are Forever is underfoot.
(Sifare is being very helpful with the dress fittings so far. Perhaps they can use the situation to gain more information on Legato Game.)

jackets against the cold.png

Mission Notes – Surveillance Protocol:
Dress fittings still continue. (*yawn*)
Asset A. seems to be cold, Sifare is offering her their jacket.

ties against the cold.png

Mission Notes – Surveillance Protocol:
Still in dress fittings.
Asset A. still seems to be cold, Sifare is offering her their… tie?

dress fittings.png

Mission Notes:
Operation Legato Game continues as planned. Everything is running smoothly. Almost everything

more mentionst hat I have.png

“WHAAAAT?! What do you mean, Moneypenny is gaining votes in the bachelor contest? But I am The Man With The Golden Gun!”

“You have a golden gun? …nuclear-powered?”

“No. That’s the name of my platform in the contest. Brussels’ Most Eligible Bachelor!”

“Oh. Too bad. – Fries?”

How come ismene ahs more mentions.png

“I don’t want Moneypenny to have higher numbers! And what kind of campaign name is I’ll Fly You To The Moon, anyway?”

“Get a grip, lad. Did the sky fall down? Are you in need of a quantum of solace? – Say, how do you feel about ninja ladybugs? I could inflitrate Moneypenny’s office and torpedo her campaign… if I had ninja ladybugs…”

contest numbers.png

“You! You tweaked the voting system, Moneypenny!”

“As if I would need that (I could do that, though). Would you like a view to a kill, Jaws? Because Farnace here will get at least one of his assets handed to him.”

sharks deal on lase beam sharks.png

“…so Pontus has decided to invest in small-caliber fauna warfare. Business deal!”

“Ninja ladybugs, here I come to live and let die!”

(M will not like this. Or worse perhaps, he might. – Must keep Sifare distracted with dress shopping duties meanwhile, or they’ll stage another protest.)

engangement party.png

“The yacht is chartered and the wedding date set! Since the world is not enough, Miss Caruso and I will take to the seas. Forget chocolate fountains, the buffet will host a rhum volcano!”

look at the invitaitons I designed I ahte the color scheme.png

“…and look at the invites I designed, dear!”

lay off

“That cinches it. I am not getting married to you!”


Mission Notes:
Red Alert! Asset A. has just called off the wedding!
This must be the work of the nefarious Legato Game. Dinner with Eve will have to wait once more. Giacomo Arbate to the rescue!

11 thoughts on “Giacomo Arbate: The Hunt for Legato Game (pt. 2)”

          1. i’m catching up with reading… still a few more posts here and over at dehggi’s.. especially those w/ yt links coz the ship banned yt for fear of people streaming a certain soprano and clogging the incoming traffic 😉
            thurs is best for me. i have a meeting at 2pm my time both Tues and Wed.


          2. But what could be more more useful to research and to repel seasickness than streaming a certain soprano to the chukchi seagulls? (are there seagulls?)

            Thursday it is – still debating 9 or 9:30 (kids and sleep…) – what works better for you, Agathe?



          3. Wow. Once the human race will have gone long dince extinct, what will remain will be spiders and seagulls!!



  1. obviously I’m catching up once again (because July…heaven help us all…). Just here to express appreciation for the Ruiten caps, and your fabulous writing, as per usual. 🙂

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  2. Actually 9 pm would be a bit better for me because of early appointments friday morning if it’s OK with you two.
    Thadieu, I’m impressed as well, do you maybe have a picture of the ship you were on (for my son, who is very impressed that I know a ‘real’ researcher who goes around on expeditions).


    1. Ok, 9 p.m. then! I’ll program the post – if I’m not there on time, just start without me (the kids…).



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